Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Molliana Dust - A Short Chapter With A Big Plot Twist

Molliana sat there, her expression horrified. Blood. Blood. It wasn't hers.

Ashton had killed someone with the rake.

Ashton, the kid down the street,  Molliana's best friend growing up. She backed up against the bed, muttering, "No... no..."

Her hand found something plastic under the bed. Gingerly, she pulled it out. It was a huge plastic bag. And there was something inside it.

Molliana opened it warily and the eyes of Marcus Irratic, another of her childhood friends, stared lifelessly up at her. Dried blood all over his body. And holes in his skin.

Holes only a rake could have made.

Molliana screamed and the voices downstairs paused. She cursed as the footsteps started to walk upstairs. She looked around and saw the only exit. The window.

She crawled towards it and just as she got to her feet, the door opened. She yelped and ran over to the window. She looked back and saw there were two men, each holding guns. Most likely Mevolent's men.

She glanced out the window. There was another building about a metre away. She could make it. One of the men raised his gun and she knew he had no option.

Molliana jumped.

~ Mara x