Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Nightmares

Niccolo knelt beside Zafira cutting open her and sealing veins as he went. She felt every part of it and screamed. Then she woke up. Terrified. Very used to this Javier felt her next to him. 
"Hush he isn't here." Javier reassured. After a few minutes she calmed down. 3am the clock showed. Alexis woke up crying. Slightly shaken Zafira got up and picked up a crying Alexis. The baby cried but Zafira sat rocking her. Alexis calmed down enough and fell back asleep. Zafira sighed watching her daughter sleep. She could hardly remember what it was like to actually have a good night's sleep. Not since Niccolo ensured the nightmares. If only he was available the day she called the number. It isn't pleasant having a newborn and nightmares. The amount of sleep Zafira got was small and Javier didn't blame her. Nobody could stop whatever Niccolo did to her. She knew she was lucky to ever have had her leg turn back and everything else he did. Then again apparently as Grand Mage she was a prime target. Sure that Alexis wouldn't wake up she placed the baby back in the crib. Alexis slept on. Zafira went back to bed but didn't fall asleep. She never could until the next night. 

Javier walked into the living room that afternoon holding a box. Zafira was sitting with Alexis who was in a swinging chair thing. The lovely pile of papers that were sent daily was small. Without meetings and stuff all the paperwork got done faster. Of course she decided to go in when she needed to. That was typical. Javier stuck the box on the floor.
"I got something awesome. I got Alexis this awesome looking teddy bear." Javier grinned. Laughing Zafira smiled at Alexis
"Look Alexis Daddy got you a teddy bear." She smiled. She doubted the baby understood but if she did that was good. Javier opened the box and showed Alexis. Zafira laughed. The teddy bear was big and light brown. Zafira felt like a child again. Except she remembered her daughter. The whole thought of being a mother was shocking still. If mages could some visited them. Alexis was happy in her chair. Things were nice and peaceful. Alexis eventually fell asleep and Zafira took Javier's hand.
"I don't know what to think. I'm scared because I killed Baron Vengeous and....I killed a general." Javier nodded.
"You did Zaf. I'm proud of you." Zafira smiled and curled up on him. Javier held her close
"You need help. The sleepless nights are hurting you my love." He murmured. Zafira nodded and bit her lip
"I know. I can barely handle it. Alexis keeps me up once the dreams pass. I dont know what to do anymore!" She exclaimed. Javier played with her hair. 
"You are too stressed honestly. I wish I could help. Are you feeling guilt?" He asked curiously. She shook her head,
"He tried to take Alexis I have no guilt for self defense." She told him. Javier seemed satisfied. Not much could happen with such a nice day. 

Jayla was furious. She wanted to kill Kerias so badly and she swore if she did she'd laugh. After Vengeous was murdered Jayla wanted to avenge his death yet she had a feeling if left to Death Rose it'd be avenged. The Faceless Ones would punish Kerias in the after life. Necromancers were heathens. Did not believe. Non-believers. They were the kind Jayla hated. She needed a plan. A nice violent one. Maybe recreate what Niccolo did then again the guy gave her the creeps.


  1. Feeling such a mix of fluffiness (is that a word? It is now), sadness, and desperation... Cool chapter, though. Definitely a good blend of happiness mixed with the scars and the constant threat of war.

  2. Guess who's gonna die?
    *Giggles madly*
    That's right, my fish...

    Good chapter Zaffy, I will await the day we meet eagerly...

    1. I prefer to not be murdered ahem

    2. Unless your name is Little China Man, you are not going to die right now... Damn fish is six years old!