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Garnet Dorado and friends: Vol De Mortis

She was well overdue a scan. 'Robert' and 'Angela Levi' waited side by side to be called. He looked nervous and she rested a hand on his knee, trying to comfort him. He winced slightly as the sudden touch set off his bad knee, but forced a smile.
"It'll be okay." She assured him. "You look really pale and panicked, you know."
"Anything could have happened. Anything could still happen."
"I'm sure everything is fine with the baby..."
"How would you know?" Asked Erskine, who never liked the idea of being a father. "You haven't had any scans or anything. Like I said, anything could have happened."
"Don't worry about it. We'll worry about things as they come."
"Plus you've never been pregnant before as far as I'm concerned. How do you know everything's working as it should?"
"I don't. I'm choosing not to worry about something until I know I need to worry."
"Wish I could do that."

They were called in and saw a nice ultrasound scan that made Ravel's blood freeze. Haidee the ultrasound technician looked a little concerned. "Were you unaware of this?"
"There were extenuating circumstances. We've not really known anything about the wellbeing of our children to this point, this included..." Mist stated relatively calmly.
She nodded and left the room for a moment. Mist took control of the ultrasound thingy curiously. "I think they're girls."
Erskine had gone pale. "There's three of them."
"Isn't that interesting..."
"Suddenly I really can't do this..."
"Maybe you can call in some of your friends for help."
"That wasn't a suggestion, by the way."
He didn't respond any further, just nodded. Her hand snaked round to grip his.


Memphis awoke, groaning. The first thing he registered was the light levels. He was unable to open his eyes it was so bright. He groaned again and someone started talking to him. Irish. "Excuse me sir, can you hear me?"
"Loud and clear." He replied croakily.
"Can you open your eyes for me?"
"Too bright. Dim the lights." There was a moment's silence and the voice sounded again.
"We couldn't find any ID on you. The hotel said a woman had signed you in. A Donna Pedrosa. Can you tell us your name?"
He hesitated, trying to choose a name he felt went well with River's given one. "Bernard."
"Do you know where you are, Bernard?"
"Somewhere where the lights are too bright."
There was a good-natured chuckle. "You're in hospital. People reported signs of a disturbance. Were you in a fight, Bernard?"
"A fight?" he asked as if the very idea was ridiculous, "some retard with a gun burst in and threw a lamp or something at me..." He was kind of amazed he could remember...then he remembered Jaime on the bed. "Where's my son?"
"He's in good hands. We have a crèche here, he's with trained professionals, Bernard."
"I was wearing sunglasses. They're prescription. I need them to see when it's this bright."
"They were broken."
Memphis shrugged. "Can I go soon?"
"We just need to make sure we've got all the fragments out and then you can you know where Donna is?"
"No. The retard with the gun took her. She could be dead for all I know..." His voice cracked a little on the last sentence, but he only did that for show. He knew she was fine and even if he didn't he'd be able to stay very calm. It was one of his talents. Push down the emotion, give the outward impression of a robot, think fast and efficiently. He broke this rarely outside of family life. He spoke a little longer with the doctors and finally was allowed to leave, Jaime in his arms. He needed a way of getting to Mevolent's lot without risking being killed by Lord Vile. He couldn't let the dream versions of his old friends down.


Jayden seemed a little dazed as he walked out of the Sanctuary. He leaned against the wall and stared at the car parked outside for a few minutes. It was just a car to him. He never really knew Ricky that well. The man in the front of the car, therefore, did not register as anyone Jayden knew or trusted. A window rolled down towards the back and Garnet beckoned him over. The dark-skinned Mage frowned suspiciously before making his way over and leaning in. "Gar?"
"Jay. Get in."
"And suddenly I am so confused..."
"You remember Ricky Sloth?"
"...Right, Richard?"
"You remember Jayden, right?"
"Yup." Richard turned to look and frowned. "Well...mostly..."
Garnet shrugged. "Is it safe to leave Mortis with those other three?"
"No, no it's not. Get in the car, Jayden."
Jayden just stared. "I have no clue what's going on. I was in a Sanctuary gaol a few minutes ago...the one with all the proper murderers and things..."
"Let's just say we saved the Grand Mage's life as well as that of one of the Elders, so we got both amnesty for killing Vex and your freedom."
"He actually gave you amnesty for killing Vex?"
"No, but he didn't hurt us there and then, so I think that's a good sign."
"Did you have Wilbur or a gun on you?"
" was probably out of fear..."
Jayden sighed and rolled his eyes. "Mortis is where?"
"The old house."
"With? Who are 'those other three'?"
Richard smirked. "Friends of mine."
Garnet smiled. "Yeah. Get in the car."
"Get in the fucking car, Jayden!" Richard screamed. "Now, or else you'll be forced in with two damn broken legs!"
The other two both looked shocked. Jayden walked nervously to the other side of the car and slid in beside his tunnelling friend. The car set off, the radio blasting 'Horse Outside'. The dark-skinned Mage pulled a face at his ginger friend, who laughed. "Rick, I thought you couldn't drive!"
"Shut up, Garnet."
He shrugged and turned back to Jayden. "Apparently he doesn't get much sleep, so he's pretty cranky. Oh, you'll love his friends! There's this one possessed by something who knows all of everybody's names! Oh yeah, he won't call me Garnet...don't laugh when he addresses Mort, please. He came at me with like eight knives in his hand last I did..."
Jayden laughed. "I'll try and remember."

The door was lying off its hinges. Ricky's eyes widened as he ran up the porch steps and threw the door out the way. "Mortis!" He screamed, furious. "Hiro! Ursa! Franz!" He stopped in the living room and turned a full circle, eyes darting about wildly. He turned his glare to Garnet. "Check upstairs. In Mort's room!" The ginger Adept jumped and quickly did as he was told, well aware something was very wrong.
"In here!" A weak voice mewled from the kitchen.


Austin lay on his side, breathing uneasily as Sierra, Andeep and Robyn worked on reversing the effects of the amethyst. He was clearly afraid, but whether it was of the three women 'fixing' him or of the hallucinations, Daemon was unsure. She was crouched beside him, holding his hand and offering a reassuring smile. It didn't seem to be helping, especially when he was made to roll onto his back so Robyn could inject him with some strange white liquid. "Is that milk?" He asked in a strained voice as a joke. Robyn smirked at him.
Suddenly he wasn't so sure they knew what they were doing. He looked at Daemon fearfully, who brushed his hair away from his face in a comforting gesture. "It's okay, Austin. They're experts. How old are you again?"
"N-ninety f-four..."
"Oh cool, I'm older than you. You like ice skating? Be a good boy and I could take you."
"They're going to butcher me. These three...never trusted them..."
"Austin, listen to my age-moulded wisdom. You'll be fine. They're reversing the effects of the amethyst, nothing more. You're perfectly safe, Austin."
He leaned close and she thought he was going to whisper something to her, but instead he planted a kiss on the corner of her mouth and settled back down, quickly falling asleep rather than hearing her outraged complaint. Daemon sat back, looking pissed off. Sierra laughed.
"Your little friend developing a crush?"
"He's nuts because of that gemstone, Sierra. It's probably to do with that."


Hiro lay on his back, trying not to cry as he was in so much pain, as Ricky repaired the damage done to his abdomen. Garnet shuffled into the room anxiously. "No sign of Borealis. Mort's stuff is all gone as well."
"Wonderful." Richard spat before turning to Hiro. "He just snapped, decided to kill you all and scarpered then, huh? And what about Franz? He go after the stupid psycho for his stupid blade?"
"Franz is still here." Garnet muttered. "I assume the thing with the break-in is still going as planned?"
Ricky nodded. "The plan's not complete...Mort's a meticulous planner...but as long as we still have Franz, we can still do something."
Hiro sighed. "He went crazy."
Jayden had crossed to the window by this point and was parting the blinds. "Uh...Ursa...lanky ginger bloke, like Gar but with better dress sense and a tan?"
Ricky froze. "What's he doing outside?"
"Lying there with what I assume is a blade sticking out of his back..."
"Jay, Gar, go out and check he's still alive..."

Ursa was still alive, but suddenly Jayden and Garnet had something else to worry about.
"It's an athame blade." Jayden muttered.
"What does that mean?"
"You know which one this is?"
" looks like Wilbur..."
"If Mort upped and ran by choice, he would never leave Wilbur behind...he would risk his life to keep this blade by his's his favourite-"
"And the store of all his magic. You're right, this doesn't make sense. Something's happened to Mortis." The ginger Mage looked down at his hand. The curse burn was still there. Mortis had touched his hand immediately after. "Oh God."
"B-J's curse! What if when I touched the necklace the curse didn't affect me but passed through to him instead? What if he's being controlled? What if-" Jayden punched him on the nose.
"Shut up. Firstly, if you've passed a bloody curse onto my boyfriend, I don't care how close friends we are, I'll personally make sure you die. Secondly, he said it was a one person only curse. What else could have happened to him? How could he possibly be being controlled?"
Garnet just stared, one hand pulled up to his nose to half-arsedly stem the flow of blood. He shrugged. "Zeb's ghost?"
The dark-skinned Mage smirked. "Or Felicity's."
"Did he ever tell you about his sister?"
"Anyway, a ghost."
"Yeah, what bullshit. Anyway, we gotta figure out where he's gone and how to get him back."
Ursa groaned from the floor and tried to get up onto his hands and knees. There were slashes all over his face. Jayden pulled a face.
"That looks painful."
Ursa met his eyes. "It is."
"Gar, go see if Richard's finished with the other guy..."

((...Point 1: I have four fanchildren for Rist...Dextra is the second or third...not quite sure...anyway, I couldn't throw away that order no matter how much I wanted because my brain threw a hissy I've always wanted to experiment with torturing characters with multi-births...which I've done once for Teen Titans...this time round it's just embarrassing, but I have patience failures and really can't write multiple pregnancies out, so in my mind it's different but here...myeh. I was going to put something here about something I wrote about Mortis, but then realised it was shameless self-advertising...but it does explain who Zeb if you want to know who Zeb is, I have a link that can explain...End Transmission))


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