Friday, May 10, 2013

Death Rose/ Maralie Lily Charm: Lesson

Maralie stared at Death. "Um. Death. You okay?"
Brianna knelt by Harry and her hands started to glow. She placed her hands on Harry's forehead and looked and Death too, an amused look on her face.

Death looked up at Mara. "I'm fine!" She managed through her fit of morbid hysteria. "How about you Mars, feeling better?" Death definitely was.
Maralie tilted her head slightly, blonde curls tumbling down her shoulder. "I'm, uh, grand."
Brianna nodded and stood up. Harry groaned. "He's fixed."
"Thanks," Maralie said, waving to her friend as she walked out the door.

Death started to breathe again but her eyes were still tearing up. "God, make sure you call me if he ever annoys you again!" She thought for a moment. "I should have just done a tiny little glare." She pinched the air.
She then looked down at Harry, groaning on the floor. She grabbed his hand and hauled him up. "Listen to me Harry Styles, if you ever annoy, hurt or make my friends cry, I swear on the Faceless Ones I will come back here and punch the stuffing out of you. Okay?"

Harry looked scared. "I.. Wha? Mara, what's going on?!"
Maralie shuffled her feet slightly, looking at the ground. Harry took in a deep breath and looked at Death.
"I didn't do anything," he said calmly, "now please let go of my wrist. It's starting to hurt."
"Liar," Maralie muttered.
Harry looked at her in surprise. "What?"

Death increased the pressure. "Do you think that because you're famous I'm going to listen to you?" Her breaths became deep and angry. "I do not care. I'm pretty famous in the magical community. I'm the daughter of a general and a spy for Mevolent." Her spare hand raised to hit him and then she backed away, dropping his wrist. "You better be careful. I am more than a powerful enemy. I am your worst nightmare."
She looked back at Mara. "I know he's a liar, all famous people are."
Back to Harry. "You know, I had a massive crush on you until five minutes ago, when I realized how big of a jerk you actually were."

Maralie looked at Harry. "She's right, you know."
Harry stared right back at her. "But Jane, I-"
She bristled. "Don't you dare call me that name. Ever."
Harry backed off as light engulfed her clenched fists. She opened her eyes, which were closed as tightly as her fists were, then the light disappeared and she sighed.
"Death, let's go back to the castle."
Harry stared at her, wide eyed. "You're leaving? Again?"
"You only have yourself to blame!" Maralie yelled, eyes brimming with tears.
She held out her hand to Death as Harry stood back, a look of guilt on his face. But also confusion. He doesn't even know what he's done, Maralie thought sourly.

"In a sec," Death replied and looked back at Harry. "I'll leave you with one thing." She walked around until she found a Sharpie and then grabbed Harry's arm. She wrote several words from running from his shoulder to the inside of his wrist. 'Treat her right, don't take flight, and I swear that I'll be back if I do.'
She turned back to Mara. "Okay, I'm ready." She grabbed her hand and looked sceptically at Harry. "Keep that on your arm for the next month."

Maralie glanced at Harry, trying not to tear up.
"Bye," she said bitterly.
"Bye," Harry replied uncertainly, looking at his arm and swallowing, his Adam's apple bobbing.
Maralie teleported and her and Death landed on the ground hard. Maralie yelped and Death made an 'oof' sound.
"What did you write on his arm?" Maralie asked Death, chewing on her lip.

"Treat her right, don't take flight, and I swear that I'll be back if I do," she smiled. "A friend of mine, Sliver something, wrote a song and that was some of the lyrics." She grinned. "Sil is a warlock. A brilliant, beautiful girl who reminds me of you." She hugged Mara, "make sure you drill it into his head. Or tattoo it on him." She grinned at the thought. "I better be going, if Serpine finds us, were both dead, if he finds me, I might be dead. I have to go find him anyway..." She pursed her lips.

Maralie hugged Death back, sniffling a bit. "I'm none of those things, Death. But thank you."
She pulled away, and managed a smile. "He's got 43 tattoos already. I think he'll remember today, anyway..."
Maralie nodded solemnly. "You be careful out there, okay?" She hugged her friend again.

Death squeezed Mara tightly. "Yeah, and if he doesn't..." She grinned.
"Yeah, I will. Catch ya later!" She walked off and waved.
"And Mars," she called back. "You're amazyn!" And ran back to the castle.

Maralie watched Death walk off, a smile tugging at her lips.
"I'm really not," she yelled back, but Death was already gone.
Maralie sighed and started nomming on her fingernails. What was she going to do? She was hardly going to-
"Hey!" she cried as someone lifted her up by the collar of her jacket. She started to kick and scream, but the man already had her in a chokehold. Maralie tried to breathe, tried to teleport, but all the air left her and she fainted.



    ...That was actually my reaction. I should probably stop commenting in gibberish and code, though. Again, I actually reacted in code, but if you can't understand it, there's really no point.

    Anyway, and this applies to all three chapters, you two write well together. I miss collaborating with people...:-/ I should probably just create another email so I can get back to working with Seph... Anyway, enough of my complaining about how annoying it is that my account died, back to the point, if there ever was one.

    You. Two. Made. Me. Scream. Like. A. Cat. Which. Is. So. Not. Normal. Even. For. Me. and, like, literally start to cry at one point...actually no, I wasn't crying! It was allergies! Mmm hmm! [fake smile] :'( :') :'(

    [hugs Mara and Death]

    1. *giggles*

      Fabi, that was... a reaction XD

      Yeah, Death and I enjoyed collabing :)