Friday, May 17, 2013

Charisma Thorne – Just like old times. Painful, violent times

“What the hell do you want?” She asked quietly, fire flickering in her hand, not looking directly into his eyes – she used to get lost in them, the way they flickered from green to blue, and she couldn’t afford for that to happen now.
“Just thought I’d pay my old girlfriend a visit.” He smirked. “Tell me, how’s Chris these days?”
She bit her lip – she still wasn’t comfortable talking about him – and especially not to the man who murdered him. “You know very well how he is, you murderer. What the hell do you want?” She asked again, her voice getting slightly more frantic.
His smirk grew.
“I told you. Just wanted to see my old girlfriend.” He stood up, but was behind her in around a second – a second? How the hell was that possible? She hadn’t seen him pass in front of her or walk past and – It suddenly clicked.
He really had found a way to bend matter, change the air, something, hadn’t he? It all added up. The fact he’d somehow survived being thrown of a train, the way he shimmered – she wasn’t sure how he’d done it, but he had.
“Now.” He breathed in her ear. “You’re going to do exactly as I say, or it’ll be rather unpleasant. For you, obviously, not for me. I’m not the one who’s going to be murdering their best friend if I don’t obey. Oh, wait.” He grinned. “Already murdered all my friends. Except one. But that’s going to change soon. Very soon.”
He spun her around to face him. Charisma kept her eyes glued to the floor.
“Now, Char, darling – how would you like to see an old friend of yours?”
She didn’t say anything – but suddenly felt wind rushing around her – and then looked up.
“Hey, Char.”
It was Chris.


  1. Welcome back to the MC, Charisma!

    This was a very, very good chapter! Whoa--the ending! Can't wait to see where it goes from here!

    1. Also, the bad guy (can't remember and/or spell his name!) is pretty creepy.

      And by "pretty" I mean a lot!

    2. Viatius is creeping me out too.
      I'm thinking Hiddleston as Loki.
      That pretty much sums him up.

  2. Hoooooly moly. o.o

    Char, that was... Wow!

    As Fabi said, that ending!

    Welcome back to the MC, btw! :)