Friday, May 10, 2013

Death Rose/ Maralie Lily Charm: Best Day Ever

"Mara, I've been forced to kill my best friends because of my father. I've been through hell and back because of what I've done." Death had no idea what else to say. "Living the life I have has killed so many. Mara, I used to be like you. Dress wearing, happy, pink loving... Serpine wanted something different and if he didn't have his way, he'd murder my friends and I'd have to watch."

Maralie looked at Death. "Is that how you describe me? Dress-wearing? Pink-loving? I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt, like I have been for the last 18 years of my life. And they're black. Don't describe me like a fairy princess, Death. I killed Fletcher Renn. In cold-blood. Ask Ember. I literally punched him and beat him up until he died."
Maralie looked away. "And I'm probably going to end up killing Harry as well..."

"That's how I think of you. When I see pink, I think of you. I used to be a girly-girl. Beyond that even. I used to skip around, picking flowers and smiling. I used to be that." Death leaped on a tree branch and looked down at Mara. "I was going to kill Fletch anyway. I was assigned to. So thank you." She fell backwards and now was hanging upside-down on her branch. "I've murdered more people than I can count Mars. Did I tell you I tortured Zafira Kerias? Grand Mage of America? Zaffy? Well I did."

Maralie looked up at Death, shielding her eyes from the bright moon. "Zaffy? You tortured her?"
Death nodded and Maralie teleported over to join her.
"Y'know," Maralie glanced at Death, "I could kill probably anybody here right now? As in, I could, and I would enjoy it? I'm not a good person. I wish I was."

"Welcome to my world, the world of Death; in both senses." She fell off the tree, landing on her hands and flipping over. "So... Can I punch Harry?" Age grinned like a little kid.

"Sure, why not," Maralie attempted to shrug, then teleported beside Death. "Let's go punch Harry. Yay." she said with mock enthusiasm. She held out her hand.

Death squealed and grabbed Mara's hand. "Yay!"

Maralie rolled her eyes. "I have no clue why you're so excited about this."
They disappeared and a few seconds later were in Maralie's bedroom. "Leggo," Maralie said, opening her door.

Death fell to the floor. One Direction surrounded her. "Dear Lord Mars..." She whispered. So many smiling faces... If she wasn't going to punch Mr. Mara-hurter, she'd run out screaming. "Come on, lead the way!"

Maralie turned to face Death, a surprised look on her face. "You okay?" She closed the door with her foot and sat on her bed, sighing.

"I never knew you were this obsessed..." She was kind of in shock. "Otherwise, I'm grand! How are you? where is the victim?" She grinned evilly. This is fun. Punching people is fun.

Maralie went pink. "Uh, yeah," she mumbled, embarrassed. "Nobody's really been in here 'cept for me. And Harry, when he forced me to show him."
Maralie stood up. "He should be downstairs. Walk or teleport?" she asked.

"Probably walk," Death said. "Teleporting makes me woozy." She stood up and looked at the door. So many posters... She opened the very evil wooden (and postered) door. She looked back behind her. "Coming?"

"Okay," Maralie muttered, leading the way downstairs.
"Mara?" a voice said.
Maralie hid her face in her hands. "Oh my Golden God, it's Harry. Just punch him quickly, please."

Death skipped ahead of Mara and into a boy with brown curly hair and a cute smile. "Uh... Hi?" He said.
She grinned at him. "Hi! Death Rose! Friend of Mara's. I came here to give you a present for hurting her." She put her hand behind her back and then shot her fist forward and into Harry's jaw. A loud thunk sounded as flesh hit flesh. She grinned again. "You have made a powerful enemy today Styles." She pulled out a comb. "Time to Style your hair Mr. Vain!" She kicked him somewhere it hurt and he went down.
She turned to Mara. "Okay, I'm happy!"

Maralie stared at Harry on the ground, unmoving. "My God," she mumbled. "Wait there."
She disappeared and Death blinked. Harry was still on the floor, unresponsive. Maralie popped back again with a redhead girl who looked bemused.
"Fix him, Bri," Maralie ordered, pointing to Harry. The girl - Brianna Swift - raised an eyebrow. "What happened here?"

Death started laughing at the new person. "No one," she gasped, "messes with my friends." The psychopath found herself on the floor next to Harry, trying to breathe through her laughter. "I JUST ASKED ATTACKED HARRY STYLES!" She began to get lightheaded but she didn't care. "BEST DAY EVER!"

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