Thursday, May 9, 2013

Effrancia Devastine: Please, Please Forgive Me

Effie ran, not caring which way she was going, preferably away from Mevolent, but that wasn't really possible, because Mevolent was in her head. He was in her head! Seriously not cool.
Search your feelings, Effie, figure out his weak points and tell Fabi. The Force is strong with that one.
"Ophelia Double, you're dead. I'm absolutely shocked." Eff turned around, her heart sinking as she recognized the voice.
"Anna, I..." Eff looked at the ground, not looking her former mentor in the eye.
"Are you alright?" Anna Zinaida's eyebrow furrowed in concern.
"Go away! I'll--I don't know, kill you or something! I sense a disturbance in the Force--in my head, okay? Shoo!"
"Effie, I have nothing to lose here. I'm already dead, as you can see, simply by my being here. Besides that, I haven't lost all my training in my old age. I could very well be the one killing you. Don't underestimate me, just because I taught you." Anna smiled, brushing a strand of wavy dark hair out of her face. Huh. Eff had always wondered what color her hair naturally was.
"It's not just me in here!" Eff pointed at her head and ran in circles, then stopped, abruptly aware that she was looking ridiculous.
"I see." As usual, Anna's calm facade didn't break. Eff had never quite understood how to do that. She usually just used an illusion and faked it. "So who is it?"
Well... There's sort of two of them... Mevolent and the Sensitive who set up the spell, only he's dead like me. The words stuck in Effie's throat, Mevolent didn't want her to say them.
"I see." Anna looked at Eff, considering. "Come with me," she said, turning with a flick of her hair.
As far as Eff knew, her mentor couldn't read minds. She was probably determining something from Effie's facial expression. What, Eff had no idea.
She followed, why not? Anna might be able to help, anyway, help save Fabigail. Effie considered herself beyond doomed, but Fabi was a stubborn one, she could overcome... Uh huh, right. Eff was no doctor, but she'd seen the large lumps on Fabi's head where no lump should be. And she was pretty sure there was internal damage as well. Simply the fact that Fabi had spoken to Eff in her mind meant that she was not entirely there.
Anna stopped and looked back. "We can talk in more detail here. What seems to be the problem?"
Effie didn't see anything odd about the stone circle, but she took Anna's word for it. If Anna Zinaida had wanted to kill her, she'd have been dead a long time ago. Also she was in the stone circle herself. Eff prepared to jump out of it suddenly if her former mentor did and began explaining about Fabi. Something made her want to tell everything.

Author's Note: This is Fabi, and for anyone who doesn't know, my Blogger account died. I've got another, but I can't share the email for that, so I'm posting as Blogland Collaboration for the time being. And if someone named Anna Zinaida comments on one of your chapters, that is indeed me. I know it sounds crazy, but the name Fabi looks wrong above the wrong email, and it's weird. So I'm Anna Zinaida (Fabi) at the moment! Just fyi. [shrugs] I think most of you already know, anyway. 

So, uh, yeah... I'm just writing a long author's note at this point to make up for the fact that this is a rather short little chapter. The next one should be longer, and may or may not be set in the past. I honestly have not much of an idea (notice that I didn't say 'no idea') Anyway, this note is dragging, so I'll shut up for now and try to get some sleep before the test tomorrow!


  1. I quite like this quaint little chapter. Effie is funny. And weird. And wonderful. She's awesome...

    *Starts scolding blogger*
    Bad blog. How dare you lock Fabi out of MC? Bad!

  2. Thanks! She's fun to write too, always messing with my plot and being annoying! XD

    [Nods and glares at Blogger] BAD BLOGGER! I LIKE the MC!!!