Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Memories Unlocked

(Set in a dream Zafira is age 5 and she's in Texas)

Zafira looked up at her father expectantly. Her brother was being a typical idiot playing with that stupid toy razor. She giggled and punched him in the gut. She knew it hurt him so she kept doing it.
"Quit it!" Dreylan Scarab ordered and Zafira stopped. She looked up and Scarab sighed. He went back to doing what he was doing. She stormed up to her room. Her brother followed and the two sat there looking at his cowboy figures.
"Put that guy in the stocks!" She said and picked up the cowboy who looked like her brother. Billy-Ray bit her,
"Get off Zaffy you're so annoying!" 
"Are not!"
"Are too"
"Are 000
"Are too!" Then The siblings got into a fight. Zafira easily beat him up and Billy called out and Scarab came up.
"Both of you! ENOUGH." He snapped. He took Billy-Ray and led him to his room. Zafira sat by the window looking at Texas. It was hot and she was sad. Her father was busy with special stuff for Mevolent. She saw Mevolent once when her and Billy-Ray had been in Ireland with their father. Mevolent was really tall but he was kind enough to them. Scarab came up a few minutes later and called her name,
"Zafira I know you're upset. Don't be we're going to Ireland on a family trip ok? You know your mother is there." He told her. Zafira nodded eagerly and got her clothes ready. Billy-Ray came out and glared at her. 

Cork, Ireland
Zafira stood with Billy-Ray. Dad had gone on a mission so the two were being watched. She went to her room and a person in white came over to her. Zafira stiffened and then everything went blank.

Pennsylvania, USA Zafira aged 13

Zafira lay in her room at home. Javier sat with her. The two had been practicing hand to hand combat skills. Zafira's father was fighting against Mevolent. Javier smiled seeing Zafira still.
"Hey Zaf why don't we go see what's going on? Grand Mage Bisahalani had said that last we heard Skulduggery Pleasant was dead and Mevolent gained a general named Lord Vile." She nodded in agreement. October 23rd was a bad day for them. Nobody knew what to expect as there was so much to think. The two went to investigate the notes.

The day had come. Mevolent was dead. The Irish Elders had made the Truce and all those fighting for Mevokent were pardoned. Things were still rocky. Zafira was in Ireland with a few other Sanctuary operatives from America. Bisahalani sent them to represent America. Many of the Irish mages knew her from her now dead father. Meritorious was speaking with a few others. Elder Crowe came behind Zafira, a Necromancer as well.
"I heard what happened, Zafira." She turned.
"Elder Crowe. So you have. So has everyone heard." She said sadness creeping into her voice. The Irish Elder gave a sad smile,
"I know. At least you were one of the few Necromancers to fight in the final battle. Not many of our brothers and sisters did." Zafira muttered in agreement. 
"Well with the war over my dream is to work for the Sanctuary." Zafira told the Elder.
"Well you are intelligent and strong. Maybe you'll serve on your own Council. Possibly though I hope nothing happens to your current Grand Mage." Zafira smirked and the other American mages gathered. With a wave Zafira went over by the Americans. They got what Bisahalani wanted. 

Present Day
Zafira woke up from her dream. Her dream came after the daily nightmares. Rare good dreams came though. But something the memory of Texas. She now knew how she forgot who her father was. Javier got up and made breakfast as Zafira fed Alexis. The baby was happy making noises. Zafira kissed her daughter's cheek.
"Oh Alexis I can't wait to come home tonight." She laughed and gave Alexis her toy. Javier kissed Zafira's cheek.
"Don't go exploding Ireland I prefer them alive." He teased. She laughed and went to the Sanctuary. With her memory back now she needed to figure out how she found out her true name. 

(So hence Zafira and Javier had theirSurge  about 4yrs before the war with Mevolent ended. Zafira fought in the final battle where Mevolent died and she had no memory of Scarab up until this chapter. )


  1. Aw... this chapter was so cute
    Was Billy Ray Sanguine your brother?

    1. Yeah, he is her bro... Awkward.. Zaffy and I almost became sisters-in-law...

      Zaf, I really liked this chapter. You and BRS would've got along soooooooooooooo well...
      *Images and laughs*

  2. The war ended in 1923? I had no idea, I might have to rejig Trip's storyline a bit...

  3. Wow, I've been meaning to comment here for ages- nice chapter! It's cool to learn about your history!