Friday, May 17, 2013

Mollie - I have no name for this chapter. Little Mix are damn cool.

Molliana stopped the bike as she came to Maralie's house and brushed her hair with her fingers, trying to make it look somewhat decent. She frowned and dropped her hands to her sides. Why was she caring about how she looked? Her hair was probably sticking out like a bush though. She shrugged and walked up to the door, ringing the bell.

"Just a second!" someone yelled.

Molliana frowned. Was that...

"Mollie?" Liberty Star's eyes widened as she came to the door, wearing star patterned pyjamas. (SHOUTOUT TO STAR! :D) Her blonde curls were in a side ponytail and she was barefoot.

"Lib!" Molliana exclaimed, practically tackling her little sister.

"I missed you," Liberty said, her voice slightly muffled by Molliana's chest. Molliana hugged her closer.

"I missed you more," she teased.

"I missed you most," Liberty shot back. Molliana smiled, noting the reference her sister was making.

(it's in Tangled, for anyone who's wondering :] )

"Why're you here?" Molliana frowned, her sister instincts kicking in. "You were supposed to be back in Cheshire with Eleanna and..." Molliana's eyes widened. "Oh my God, Harry took you here!"

"Yup," Liberty confirmed, giving her sister a grin.

"Is he alright?" Molliana panicked. "Is he in hospital?"

Liberty frowned. "Uh, no... why?"

"Maralie went near him!" Molliana yelped, running inside the house.

"He just went to the shop," Liberty laughed. "He isn't seriously injured. Yet."

Molliana gave her a look. "Ha ha ha. Funny. So where's Mara?"

Liberty looked uncomfortable. She started to chew lightly on her lip and was twiddling her thumbs.

"Lib..." Molliana's eyes narrowed. "Where is Mara?"

"Uhm," Liberty swallowed. "In her room."

Molliana blinked. "That all?"

She went up the stairs and walked down to Maralie's door. She knocked twice and then tried to open the door. Frowning, she pushed at the door harder. When it didn't open, she kicked at it. Nothing. Molliana frowned harder. Weird. Usually Maralie would've yelped or something...

"Mara!" Molliana yelled. "C'mon out!"

No reply.

Liberty followed Molliana, looking at the ground. "She hasn't replied for two days..."

Molliana whipped around to face her. "Oh my God, what if Mevo..."

Liberty's eyes widened. "Oh God..."

Molliana breathed out, then ran and vaulted over the banister. She landed downstairs and Liberty whimpered, petrified. Whenever Molliana got annoyed, she got violent.

"Lib," Molliana hissed, "Mevo will die tonight."

~ Mara xx


  1. I like Mollie! Good to see her again!

    Little mix areeeeeeeeeeee. :-)

    1. Mollie is very nice. *nods*

      :) Little Mixxxxx