Sunday, May 5, 2013

Maralie Lily Charm - The Premier Rap

This chapter is... weird. It's Mara and her feelings. She's slowly turning crazy, so...
~ Mara xx

Maralie was bored.

She lay back on her bed, sighing. She was going crazy. She knew it. Watching Youtube videos on her phone got very boring.

Maralie moaned and continued to bounce a rubber ball at the wall. It flew back and she caught it, then threw it again. She had gotten her skill of catching from her family. They had been very sporty, with hurling and Gaelic football. Hell, Maralie's cousin played on the Tipperary team. Brendan Cummins was his name. Maralie stared at the one hurling poster on her wall. It had all the Tipperary team's signatures on it. She squinted and laughed. She was going crazy.

"From Cahir to Nenagh they’ll agree, It’s time we took back Liam McCarthy.
For the blue the gold and the dream,
This is for the boys on Hill 16, c'mon!"

She had no clue why she was singing the Premier Rap. Oh God, she was going nuts. It was so boring up here.

"Brendan Cummins
From Ballybacon-Grange,
NASA are studying his puck out range.
You put your hand up once,
You won’t do it again,
When you’ve been marking Paddy Stapleton.
Paul Curran he’s like a mini digger, He's Mullinahone’s own Swarzanigger.
Michael Cahills' our number four, Eircom phone watch ain’t this secure.
Declan Fanning from Killenaule, Sticks like glue to each highball.
Bustin' out of defence
He's gonna flatten ye,
He’s from Newport
He’s Connor O’ Mahoney.
Like a wall P. Maher stops each attack,
You need planning permission to put him wing back.
For the blue, the gold
And the dream,
This is for the boys on Hill 16!"

"Mara?" Harry's voice from outside the door sounded surprised. She ignored him.

"Tipp, Tipp, Tipp, Tipp, Tipp, Tipp,Tipp, Tipp, Tipp, Tipp, Tipp!
We’re throwing a party for Liam McCarthy!
Shane McGraths got electric pace, Brendan Maher will invade your space.
Darragh O Brien will pull you out
By the side line,
Catchin’ it,
Whippin’ it,
Doubling on it first time.
I’d prefer to get hit by a car,
Than get hit a shoulder
From the Bonner Maher.
Knocking over points like he’s on holiday.
For John O’Brien
I nearly blew me load,
When I saw him do the biz
On Jones’ road."

"Mara..." he started to laugh. "What on earth are you singing?"

"Tipp, Tipp, Tipp, Tipp, Tipp, Tipp,Tipp, Tipp, Tipp, Tipp, Tipp, Tipp.
We’re throwing a party for Liam McCarthy! And I have no clue what the rest is," she finished.

Clapping erupted from outside. Maralie expected it was Liberty, Eleanna and Harry. She scowled. "Stop mocking me."

"We're not," Liberty laughed, obviously mocking her.

Maralie sulked until she heard footsteps go downstairs a few minutes later. Then she sighed again and picked up her phone. Just as she picked it up, it started to buzz.

Some timing, Maralie raised an eyebrow. She answered without looking and held it up to her ear.

"Hey Mara," Molliana Dust's voice came through the speaker.

"Mollie, hey!" Maralie smiled. "Vas happenin'?"

"I just wanted to say, I'm coming back to yours tomorrow. Is that okay?"

"Yeah." Maralie murmured, messing with her hair.

"'Kay, see you Mara," Molliana replied, then hung up.

Maralie sighed once more and pouted. Molliana would have to get involved in the whole Harry issue. And no. That was not going to happen.

She would think of something later.

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  1. This is a cool chapter. I like how you show the changes in Mara's psyche through song. I really need to catch up on some of the chapters in your subplot...