Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mindy Almaz: Isn't Something Missing?


Mindy held the knife against Double's neck and glared at Zinaida, who still held the box firmly. "You hit me with your mind, she dies."
"Mindy.. I should've known." Zinaida's face creased in...not surprise, not hurt, but...disappointment? Ha, that was likely. Ever since that Effie had come along, Anna hadn't cared a fig about training the more advanced of the two apprentices. Effie was just an upstart weakling, couldn't Anna see that? 

"Yes, you should have." The words came out short and harsh. Mindy didn't care if Anna was disappointed in her, Zinaida wasn't her mentor anymore. Serpine would do a much better job.

To her credit, Zinaida stayed mostly calm, not letting her body language give away her next move, but Mindy knew she was going to rescue the girl. "Hand it over. My patience is wearing thin." she dug the knife a bit deeper, drawing a thin line of blood. Anna looked at Effie for a moment, then nodded. 
Mindy felt her prisoner twitch slightly and looked down. She gasped in horror as she saw the river of blood gushing from Effie's neck.

In that moment, a thousand thoughts flashed through her mind. Time ran in slow motion. Who was she to be doing this? How did she know that Anna didn't...? Why was she even fooling herself for a second? Anna didn't care anymore, not like she once did. Effie didn't care either, never had. It didn't matter that her neck was gushing blood, Mindy didn't care! And yet she jumped back anyway, dropping the knife in shock. That wasn't a tear streaking down her face, it was...sweat or something. She didn't care, wouldn't care. Why bother? Nobody cared back. Of course they didn't, they were spies, better spies than Mindy would ever be. Heck, she didn't want to be one of them anymore. She wasn't heartless enough. She was even considering attempting to save Effie, when Eff and the blood vanished.


She looked around as the white-hot anger began to build up in her head. Just because I'm not heartless like you doesn't mean you can do that to me! Taking advantage of the fact that she cared, well Mindy would make sure that never happened again! A quick glance around the room showed that Anna was nowhere to be seen as well. That didn't mean they weren't there, though. She would track them down, she would. And then she would take the box and return it to Serpine, who would actually recognize her work, not brush her aside. And then at that moment, a sudden impulse took over, and she turned back to the treasure room, not looking for the box this time, but for something else. And they think I care, they think I'm weak. They'll see their mistake soon enough.

(A/N: Okay, this chapter really deviated from my plans. I may delete this post and redo it if I can't work with it from here, consider yourself warned. Oh, gosh, Mindy is scaring me in my head! For reasons I'll not say. :-P)

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