Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Alexis

( okay before I even write let me explain this to you. The 9 months of pregnancy was sped up by one of the Sanctuary doctors because for me it helps a lot for plans. I'm currently in the same time as everyone else but I decided to leave details of the speeding up process and birth out because it wasn't natural birth. So yeah. Just so we all now understand. And the baby doesnt have a surname because Javier and Zaf are
sorcerers. )

Zafira held her child close to her. It felt strange to know the little one who was in her is here. The doctors were afraid that Mevolent would attack her and she'd lose the child so after a full blown argument and a lot of Javier pleading with her she had agreed to allow the 9 month process to be sped up. She was in the Medical Bay recovering from the birth. But her little one was happy. Javier stood close to Zafira keeping watch.
"Oh have you thought of a name for her yet?" Javier asked. Zafira nodded.
"Alexis." Zafira told him. Javier smiled and looked at his two girls,
"Alexis. I like it. She won't have a surname correct?"
"She'll have a taken one when she is old enough to take a name." Zafira smiled. She would be allowed to go soon. Throughout the day mages had come to visit the newborn. Half the time Alexis slept with her head resting above Zafira's heart. Nobody really minded that she slept. Zafira was to go home for a few weeks to watch Alexis but she was still working from home. She refused to stop. In war a lot was possible. Alexis woke up again and started to cry. After a few minutes of rocking she calmed down and went back to looking at Javier. Javier smiled and tickled her chin,
"Someone likes looking at her daddy." He teased her. Zafira laughed and Alexis was still looking at him. Zafra felt the little head on her chest again and soon Alexis slept. Javier took her and placed their little one in her crib thing. Zafira smirked and Javier sat at Zafira's feet. One of the doctors came in,
"If the stitches on your stomach aren't infected you can go home." She said and checked the stitches. After a minute the doctor gave the okay and Zafira gently picked up Alexis. Javier held Zafira's arm and she shadow walked home. Alexis had her own room but for now they set her up in their own room until she slept most of the night. Javier was quiet and once they sat down he held Zafira in his arms.
"I'm proud to have two lovely ladies." He murmured. Zafira smiled
"Oh as am I Javier."

Mevolent looked closely at Serephia.
"She had the baby. Excellent. Now we can take the child and raise it against the parents. Better then killing Zafira in my opinion." He sounded pleased. Anything to make the Necromancer fall. He wouldn't eat the child. If he didn't get the child then he'd eat it. Well when he got near it.

Jayla sat in the cell waiting mad. She was in a cell and apparently to be questioned when the Grand Mage returned. Jayla didn't like the cell. But she had a secret nobody else knew. Carved on the base of her spine was a dainty little symbol. Very old one. In the cell a mage would have their magic bound but not Jayla. She figured Sanguine was smart to not have his magic bound. When the guy came with food Jayla overtook him and ran. Easily escaping the building. Now where was Kerias' home?

Dinner was a lovely affair. Javier made steak and Alexis was awake through it all as Zafira ate holding the baby. Alexis was quiet amazingly and pretty well behaved. Then as Javier held her she started crying. Zafira smiled,
"Change her diaper." She told Javier. Looking horrified at the thought he took his daughter and attempted to change the diaper. Zafira timed it. A half hour. And he came out holding Alexis with a clean diaper. Zafira took her daughter.
"Javier how did it go?" She asked.
"Alexis peed on me." He mumbled. He went and scrubbed his hands. Zafira burst out laughing. Little Alexis closed her eyes and soon fell fast asleep. Zafira put her upstairs and came down. Javier looked horrified. Smiling Zafira sat by him.

Jayla called the Baron. She knew he was in New York.
"Look I'm literally outside her house." After a brief conversation he agreed to join her in the attack. Jayla waited in a tree patiently. The Baron had twenty men with him. Jayla knew Zafira wouldn't have anyone besides Javier. That would be the fun part. After a while the Baron came and they broke into the house. Oh the joys.

Zafira heard the crash. She ran from her seat beside Javier and came to see Jayla. Jayla punched but Zafira dodged and ran. Javier tackles Jayla and a lot of screaming was heard. Zafira called in for back up. In the community mages always helped one another. In a matter of minutes there were fourteen helping them. The battle was outside at least. Zafira went into her room to grab a sword. Baron Vengeous was trying to get Alexis.
"NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU B***!!!!!!!" She screamed and her instincts kicked in. She ran at him with her sword and sent shadows flinging at him. Two of Zafira's friends heard her scream and ran up to help Zafira. She was on fire. The Baron easily dodged the shadows and grabbed Zafira by the throat cutlass cutting into her. He slammed her into the wall where she crumpled. The twins who came up to help summoned fire and threw at him. One grazed him but he ignored it. His eyes flashed yellow. Taking the idea the twins led him from the room. Zafra shakily stood and looked at Alexis. Asleep. She ran after the twins into the backyard. The twins kept sending as much fire as they could at the Baron. He dodged most of it and his eyes flashed yellow and bits of one twin flew everywhere. The surviving twin charged and ran at him engaging him in a sword battle. Zafira climbed her tree and sent shadows at him slicing his hand. The twin kept attacking and the Baron kept it up. Suddenly white hot pain shot through Zafira's mind and she fell from her tree. Jayla grinned and pushed Zafira onto her back with her foot. The battle was raging but Jayla smiled wickedly.
"Grand Mage." She laughed. Pain shot through Zafira's mind again. Zafira fought against it but it didn't work. She heard a scream and saw brains fly past. The other twin ruptured. The Baron came over.
"Go Jayla I can take care of the Grand Mage." He said. Jayla left and Zafira managed to stand up. There was obvious signs Vengeous had been injured. He took out his cutlass again.
"I promised Mevolent if I got you I'd kill you and let it last. Maybe if you survive we'll give you to Niccolo." He said. Zafira summoned a fist full of shadows that sent him flying. She picked up her sword and ran after him slicing at him and actually making contact. Furious he cut her leg with his cutlass but she sent more shadows after him. He picked up a knife from one of the twins and sent it into her non-sword hand. Zafira screamed in pain and ripped it from her hand. The Baron laughed and soon found himself with a knife lodged in his own hand.
"Just because I'm Grand Mage does not mean i won't kill you." She told him. She used the shadows to pin him to a tree. She moved forward shadows flowing around her. The Baron knew what she could do as she knew her true name. This was magic he couldn't fight. Even if he tried. As she moved closer he stabbed her in the stomach with his cutlass. She fell to her knees. She looked up at him.
"Revenge..." She gasped. The shadows were weakening that pinned him. If he held her off-
Zafira sent shadows knives inside him. Killing him instantly. She fell onto her back panting. She was losing way too much blood. Jayla came back and screamed. Soon everyone friend and enemy had gathered around.
"Oh my god....General Vengeous is dead!" Someone shouted. Javier knelt beside his wife. Zafira looked at him.
"Take your dead." Javier snapped at Jayla. Not needing to be told twice they took Vengeous. Someone muttered
"How do we tell Mevolent and Death?" The group left for Ireland. Javier nodded to a Teleporter.
"Get her to the Sanctuary." He ordered.

Jayla stood before Mevolent.
"Master....before you kill me. Uhm Baron Vengeous is dead." She said. Mevolent looked stunned.
"Who...killed him?" He asked. He sounded stunned too.
"Zafira Kerias. It looked like he nearly killed her. She was laying in a pool of blood. His cutlass pierced her." She explained. Mevolent sighed.
"Now we get to tell Death...I can only hope we survive that."

Zafira woke in the Sanctuary. She sat up and then it hit her.
"Oh my god....I killed Baron Vengeous." She said aloud. Javier nodded.
"Yes you did. If we all survive this war that battle will be talked about. He got you good though. If you hadn't gone all Justaria on him he would have killed you. And Alexis is fine. We can go home." He promised her. Taking her in his arms she focused and shadow walked them home. A nice pile of work was ready for Zafira to sort through. Javier went upstairs to get Alexis. Something stuck out from the pile. Zafira took it and examined it.
"I can cure the nightmares." It read with a phones number. Zafira pocketed it. She'd e calling the person. And fast.


  1. *Sobs and laughs*
    You better hope you survive! You killed daddy!!!!!!

    Cute baby with evil mumma...

    1. It thoght nefarain serpine was her dad?

    2. He's my foster dad, Baron was doing more field work and knew that I could be used as a bartering chip against him so he gave me to Serpine

  2. Aww, Zaf has an adorable baby! Yay for protecting Alexis! Sad for Death, though... :(

  3. Oh my Golden God O.O
    So Vengeous is dead. And Alexis is okay. And Zaf almost died. *shakes head* My God, Zaf! Talk about an action packed day! :P