Friday, May 3, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Mind Tricks

Zafira glanced at the boy in the interview room. His name was David. The boy was supposed to experience the Surge soon. She was prepared for that.
"David you are in a serious amount of trouble. None of your interviewers got anything out of you. They send me to ask you stuff. It is NOT my job. Do you even know who I am?" She asked. David shrugged,
"Another idiot detective." He told her. He looked unaware of how stupid he was acting. Zafira glared at him,
"Grand Mage Zafira Kerias." Recognition registered in his face. She pressed on,
"You realize now don't you. You attacked me last night. Surely you know the laws. Assault on a Sanctuary agent. An Elder. Yeah you messed up there. So now cooperate with interviewers and I won't come into your life." She said. The kid nodded and she left the room allowing the interviewers to go in. That will end well she hoped. She only hoped he wasnt a nut. Well she knew the kid had to work for Mevolent. Not a good thing at all. Javier stepped beside her.
"Grand Mage." He said looking calm. She turned to him looking confused. Javier rarely goes to the Sanctuary because of his fear of arrest. Even though the laws keep him safe as his victims killed themselves.
"Javier whats up? You dont come here often." Javier smiled shyly and led her to her office.
"Zaf you are going to probably have a melt down. I figured out the whole thing about the boys. Jayla she's a girl who is a Sense Warden. She works under Mevolent." He told her. Zafira nodded.
"Sense Wardens are bad news." She muttered. Javier nodded and left.

The night came and then Zafira went to Javier. He was now home and hugged her. The two just barely managed to break apart when a girl dressed in white broke in. She smiled.
"Javier Zafira what a lovely couple!" She laughed. Javier's hand twitched. Zafira got her knife,
"Who are you?" Zafira demanded. The girl smiled wider,
"Jayla." She told her. Jayla looked at Zafira and suddenly Zafira felt as if someone was in her head like burning it. Javier growled soemthing and Jayla retreated from Zafira's mind. Jayla held back Javier's attacks on her mind. She focused on Zafira. The little voice of Justaria broke out in Zafira's mind,
"I DONT SHARE!!!" Justaria roared at Jayla mentally. Jayla retreated again in shock. Javier took the oppurtunity and handcuffed her. Jayla struggled and Zafira ran into the kitchen and hit Jayla with a frying pan. She was out. Zafira smiled,
"Frying pans are weapons!" She defended. Javier laughed and kissed her cheek. The Cleavers came 10 minutes later and took the unconscious Jayla to the Sanctuary. Zafira was calm again.
"Least mental attacks won't hurt the baby." She muttered. Javier put his hand to her stomach.
"Good or Jayla would be dead."


  1. *Nods*
    I love frying pans!

    Awwwww! Javier is soooooooooooooo sweet!

    1. Yeah, you guys are adorable together!!