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Memphis Heatwave and friends: Dreamscape Warnings

Faine had been left behind again. Justice swept her off the floor and brought her into his office as she began to cry and motioned for her to stay there while he went to get a Sanctuary operative who could actually talk to her. He left and she stopped crying, sliding herself off the desk. She took a few papers down with her, accidentally of course, and then went to explore. She pulled a few drawers out of place, squealing with delight when she found a ring of keys in one. She marched around the room jangling them and singing. "Dingle-lingle-lingle-lingle!" She hollered as she marched, eyes closed. Justice walked back in and wrenched the keys from her hands, making her go back to screaming. The Sanctuary operative sighed quietly and smiled, crouching down in front of the small child, soothing her. "Are you lost?"
She nodded. "There's a Spanish guy who looks after me. I haven't seen him in ages. I saw my mum, and then there was this guy called Anton who owned a hotel, and then a guy killed him so I went with him and his friends, then they said I was going to be put in the care of someone else, but we never reached him because I followed the killer people in here."
The man nodded. "Okay...come with me, we'll find someone to look after you, then we'll see if we can track down this Spanish man or your mother, okay?" She nodded and took the man's hand as Justice angrily set about cleaning his office up.


Jasmin wasn't the only one with nightmares of the dead. It was different tonight though. It wasn't a proper nightmare for Memphis. There was even someone he didn't recognise.

Seeing he was scared, Amadeus gave a soft smile. "Hey Mem. Long time no see...for me at least. You look like you've seen a ghost." His eyebrows screwed up as though trying to frown while the rest of him smiled. Bernard shook his head.
"To him we are ghosts, Amadeus."
"Oh yeah...Mem, we're not ghosts. We're not dreams either, but we didn't know how else to reach you. We found a dead man who meddles with dreams. He can't link to just takes something strong...did you know, dying with something belonging to someone else on your body or with something given by someone else as a gift works?" He tugged up his translucent sleeve to show a translucent arm with a translucent friendship bracelet on it. "The Aussie dude was able to link us to your dreams. Apparently the only thing we'd be interrupting would be a dream about some race cars and killer bees."
"That's what that buzzing sound was..." Memphis mumbled, realising that, though it was impossibly bright, his naked eyes didn't hurt.
"Yeah." He nodded, dark eyes shimmering. "We have something to tell you-"
"And a warning." The stranger snapped. He was Scottish.
Memphis nodded. "Okay. I doubt many people would listen to me though."
"The elders trust you implicitly." Isaac stated gently, smiling beneath his beard. "They would at least investigate any concern you have, surely. You're you, not quite the best, but certainly one of the best detectives they have."
He smiled. "You never lie, do you?"
He put a hand over his heart. "Never...well, almost never..."
The Scot looked annoyed. "There is a man heading this way. He should be in Ireland, but he's strayed from the plan. The man knows his true name. He's exploring what he now knows. He's dangerous but mustn't be hurt. He is our golden card against Mevolent."
Memphis nodded, uncertain. Bernard smiled. "Mem, Edsel's home has been destroyed, as I'm sure you're aware. Some guy called Niccolo or whatever made it...disappear...where's he been staying?"
Memphis shrugged. "Haven't seen him for a few weeks now."
"He's still alive, I know that much."
Amadeus had been staring at the floor, unsure of how to put what he had to say. Finally, he spoke. "Run."
"Pardon?" The elemental arched an eyebrow.
"Run. Take Jaime and River and run for your life. For all your lives. In less than a week, this house will be gone. Lord Vile is coming to finish what he started. Not just with you, with the whole of Boston. Get the Hell out of there. If you're not in Boston when he comes, you'll be fine. He doesn't want you specifically, he just wants to watch Boston burn...please, please get out of here! Go anywhere, just get out of Boston!"
Memphis shook his head. "This is a dream. I forget pretty much all the details of my dreams in seconds once I wake up. How do I know this is even true? How do I remember it?"
Bernard and Isaac looked solemn. Amadeus looked like he was going to start crying. Isaac stepped forward. "You have to. We'll make sure you do. We'll drum it into your head somehow. We just need to make sure you leave."
"I understand."
"It's for your own safety, and River's and Jaime's. You need to remember it."
Bernard spoke next. "Mem? Make sure Mel's okay, yeah?"
"Yeah. Bernie, don't worry. She freaked at first, but she's recovering. She's okay."
He nodded, tempted to mention his mistress. he suddenly felt like he had to come clean about everything. He stopped himself before he could blurt it all out and felt tears of what he hoped or would at least pretend was frustration build up in his eyes. He tilted his head back so not even his ghost could spill tears. "Mem, go on a holiday. You look like you could use one." He came over and gave the startled detective a hug.
"O-okay..." He looked to his other two friends and the skinny Scot. "You three aren't going to hug me as well, right?"
Amadeus glanced over his shoulder. "I've met your mother. She's actually hot."
"Stay the hell away from her, Ghost-Darkside!"
He laughed and pushed Bernard out the way, giving his friend a hug. "We have to wrap this up. Jaime's crying. Can you hear him?"
He hesitated, listening. "Yeah..."
"We have until that actually wakes you up before...before we're gone..." He tugged down Memphis' sleeves. "You're not wearing the friendship bracelet..."
"It's in my drawer. It broke."
"Tape it. Wear it."
"If you insist...dick ghost..."
They all laughed and they began to drift away. Amadeus tugged his own bracelet off and threw it at his friend.

When Memphis awoke, it was on his stomach. River was comforting the baby beside him. She gave him a smile as he rubbed his eyes and looked at the bracelet, confused. "No nightmare this time?" He shook his head, smiling back.
"Need a hand?"
"I've got it, Mem."
He stretched. "I feel like a holiday...and I need to go in to work tomorrow..."
"You haven't got work tomorrow."
"I feel like I have to warn them about something..."
"About what?"
"I...I can't remember..."
She placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled soothingly. "It'll come to you. It always does."


Perseus floated back into conciousness, seeing two people standing by his bedside, arguing in whispers in French. They were both in Elder robes. One was picking at his in disgust. "Jasmin." The Cuban Mage moaned at the other one. "Why am I still here?"
"You were injured." he answered instantly.
"Where's Charles? I want to talk to him."
Jasmin hesitated, whispered something to the man beside him and sighed as the blonde man shook his head. "He...he died, that last fight...I'm sorry..."
He frowned as he took it in. "No.." he muttered with a slight laugh. "He can't be..." any trace of a smile disappeared. "He...we just started...he kissed me...we were going to...I..."
"I'm really truly sorry..."
Lionel shuffled his feet awkwardly.
Perseus was twisting the bedsheet in his hands. "We were going to have lunch once we got to France..."
Jasmin sighed. "Again, I'm won't believe how many people I've had to tell a loved one has died...and I'm so sorry..."
"Leave me..."
"Leave me!"
He obeyed reluctantly, dragging Lionel behind him.


Indishan Anonymous sat at a cafe by an airport, waiting for some men to meet with him. he was expecting four of them. A long, sleek, black car stopped beside him and the four men stepped out. Richard, Hiro, Ursa and Mortis. "You summoned me." Richard stated, clearly not happy. "Why?"
Indishan smiled as calmly as he could under the knowledge that three of these four men were known to murder for fun. "Richard. I believe we can help one another."
"You need a doctor?"
"I need information. I'm a detective." Mortis reached for a knife in his belt. It was in a scabbard-type-thing with Craig scratched onto it in block capitals. Indishan tensed up. "I'm looking skilled fighters who could be on the side against Mevolent...answer honestly: would any of you want the Faceless Ones to return?"
They all slowly shook their heads. The detective smiled and nodded. Ricky spoke again. "Okay, what do you propose we do, and what exactly is in it for us?"
His smile widened into a grin. "Let me spin you a story you might find mighty interesting, boys."

((Hellooooo hanger. I had absolutely no ideas so I went and took a look at who I hadn't used in a while, came up with Anonymous, Frivolidad and Mem, and also realised around the same time I had left Faine in a spot without carers AGAIN! She is so tricky. But Mem's friends! I missed those guys! And I just HAD to use Fred again :3 Freddy :') My psychopathic, completely screwed up baby! I'm sorry I killed you!))


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