Sunday, May 12, 2013

Javier Fyreheart: Babysitting Gone Violent

Javier smiled as Alexis slept. Zafira had gone into the Sanctuary on an emergency call. Alexis was asleep so he figured she'd be easy to handle. Javier watched her a bit. Getting bored he muted the television and played Mario Kart Wii. The game was fun to play and he got up to Maple Treeway when Alexis woke up. Realizing she was up he picked the crying baby up. She stopped crying and was calm. Javier sat with her a while.
"Alexis are you happy? You miss mommy? Your mommy is special she is Grand Mage of our country. She is leader." He told his daughter. Alexis didn't say anything but she couldn't anyway. Waiting for Zafira was hard.

Zafira left the Sanctuary. The night was coming in and she just wanted sleep. Was it so hard to ask for? Yeah it was. The moment she shadow-walked home Javier kisses her from behind.
"Alexis and I missed you." He murmured. She smiled and kissed his cheek.
"Well no need to miss me much longer." She joked and got to place her Elder's robes on the coat rack. As she put them down she heard a window break and Alexis's cries. She shadow-walked to her room and saw Jayla. The Sense-Warden smiled and Alexis started screaming. Zafira took out a knife.
"Stop mentally tormenting the baby." She ordered. Jayla turned and pain flashed in her mind as she fell against the wall. Jayla was laughing. She stepped closer to Zafira and suddenly the memories of Niccolo torturing her came back. Javier burst through the door and in seconds had Jayla pinned to the wall.
"Don't you dare." He ordered. Zafira stood and Alexis kept crying. Jayla grinned and pushed Javier off her and ran outside. Javier chased her. 

Jayla stood and watched Javier come. He had her pinned to the ground and she screamed. Javier focused on her and suddenly he was gone and she was outside her house. Her little sister was playing and ten the fire. She could smell it and feel it. Jayla pleaded and screamed. Then she took her knife and stabbed herself in the stomach. Javier watched the Sense-Warden. He let her be
"Please..." She begged. She was on her knees. "Help me....he....controlled me." She told Javier. Zafira came down without Alexis. Zafira looked at Jayla and recognized the symbol on Jayla's stomach. 
"She stopped him controlling her. I'll take her to the Sanctuary." Zafira said. She grabbed Jayla and shadow-walked into the Medical Bay. Within ten minutes the doctors had Jayla operated on. Zafira bowed her head. This was not good. How many among them were loyal? How many were controlled?


  1. This is really good!
    Feel sorry for Jayla thought she was a baddy!

  2. You know stuff's going down when I laugh at this...


  3. Ok, I know this is horrible but I burst out lauging when I read the sentence "Stop mentally tormenting the baby."... Yep, I'm awful...

    I really loved the ending though. Like, it was a really super exceptional ending. I love that you raised the issue of how many people are only with Mevolent because they were forced some way or another, versus how many are with him by choice. Obviously there's a moral issue there- that whole 'do people who were forced really deserve to die?' which is a question certainly relevant to me... But reality is it's a problem for tons of people, many Bloglandians included. So how to deal with this? And does it even matter? If you have to for the sake of self defense, you'll kill anyone, regardless of whether or not they were forced. I don't mean you specifically- I mean, I'm the assassin here, but just saying. It's a really important issue and I'm glad you brought it up. Ok, rant over.

  4. I'm sorry Zaf, but I started laughing so hard when ZafTC said "Stop mentally tormenting the baby." XD