Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jayla: Freedom

Jayla woke up in some room she didn't recognize. But she did know one thing and that was she remembered being controlled by Mevolent. The Grand Mage came into the room. Zafira was in her Elders robes so Jayla figured this was going to be official. Jayla sat up and looked at Zafira.
"Grand Mage." She greeted. Zafira nodded to her. She had the sense of authority around her. It was weird how everyone in power had that sense of authority. 
"Jayla, I know that you were controlled so I'm going to try and not kill you but you did try to kill my child." She reminded. Jayla sighed,
"Yeah I know and I don't actually want to hurt Alexis. I was controlled. Mevolent. Baron Vengeous actually found me. I was spying for the Resistance, well what's left of the Irish. See he caught me and took me to Mevolent. They figured out my magic easily. A few days after being imprisoned Scarab took me to Mevolent and from that moment on I remember nothing but how Mevolent was my master." The Grand Mage listened to the whole thing her face not betraying any emotion. Finally she spoke,
"I understand exactly what happened to you. He tried to control me because of what I know. It didn't last long. But I understand completely." Jayla looked up at Zafira scared,
"You aren't going to charge me? I wasn't in control of myself!" Jayla pleaded. A small smile escaped Zafira's lips,
"Oh following the rulebook to the dot yeah you'd be charged with Assault, assault on an Elder, attempted murder and a lot more. But being as I can easily tell the symbol he used and being as you stabbed the symbol breaking the connection, no I will not charge you. Not this time. You're from Ireland, correct?" Jayla nodded slowly,
"Dublin to be exact." She told Zafira.
"If I ever manage to get in contact with Ravel I will tell him about you. More so you can return home without your Sanctuary trying to arrest you. For now if you like you can help us here in America." She invited. Jayla nodded,
"Yeah I'll help. I rather that. I want to make up for the wrongs I may have caused. I want Mevolent dead. And to you, thank you for killing the Baron. He...planned to murder your husband." Zafira's eyes widened. She shook her head,
"Well it seems you know a lot. You'll be helpful to us, Jayla. Just remember you are with us now. Any information you have about the City or Palace is useful. Not all your time there was wasted." The Grand Mage left with a Cleaver Jayla didn't notice before. Guess as the Grand Mage Zafira was under constant protection.

Javier smiled as his wife walked into the living room. He took her in his arms. Alexis sat in her chair like an innocent baby. Laughing to herself Zafira kissed Javier and then turned and knelt by her daughter,
"Hi Alexis. Did you miss me?" She asked and smiled. Alexis looked at her but continued chewing her toy. Zafira laughed and kissed her head. It was still amazing to know the baby in the room was her daughter. Things were quiet just the way she liked it.

Jayla was released from the Medical Bay and she walked the halls of the Sanctuary. She had been given full permission to go so long as she spoke the the Grand Mage. Jayla went into the city and found her own apartment. It felt good to be there. She got dressed and looked at her phone. Pictures of friends. And family. She missed them. Ever since that day she was captured she could hardly remember family. She sat in the living room and sighed. Where would she go? Who to speak to? Who would trust her?


  1. Jayla's a spy, too? I'm starting to really like her...

    Nice job, Zaf!

  2. Alexis won't be chewing any toys when I'm done with her. She's going to have to go and find her jaw before she can do anything... Maybe her skull too...