Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zebulon Regicide(And Felicity Insouciant): Vengeance

The car hit Ravel in the side. He just ran out in front of them as they screeched to a halt, Ursa letting out a yell of shock. He turned to Millie. "He dead?"
She shook her head. "Not yet. He might be dying."
Garnet got out of the car. "Oh God, Ursa! That's the bloody Grand Mage! How fast did you hit him?"
"I have no idea. I think he should have a doctor, Gar."
Garnet crouched beside the fallen form, but tended to the crying baby first. Ruby was perfectly fine. The Grand Mage was still alive. The redhead stood with the baby in his arms, turned, and narrowly avoided being stabbed by Mortis. Instead, he turned his back on his friend to protect the infant and got his arm sliced.
"Mortis! What the hell are you doing?!"
"You! You little brat! You monster! You freak! You deserve to die!"
"What the hell are you-" he cut off as he tripped over the body of the Grand Mage. Erskine let out a grunt as the redhead's feet and bottom crashed into him. Mortis grabbed him by his Nirvana shirt and drew their faces close together.
"You're going to go the way of Legerdemain, begging for your worthless life..." Then he was hit in the head by Ursa's nunchucks. The Australian Mage went to help Garnet up. Millie got out of the car next.
"I assume I'm addressing Zebulon Regicide?"
Mortis glared at her. "What do you think?!"
Millie gave a polite smile. "Good evening, Zebulon. You're a Necromancer, right? I wonder what granted you a passage into this body, hmm?" She grabbed Garnet's hand and forced the burn mark that still hadn't faded into view. There was a faint ring of sigils, the exact same as those on Mortis' fingers. "I see..."
Ursa was keeping Mortis at bay. The elemental could still use his magic, but the Necromancer's knife was still in Garnet's jacket pocket. He wasn't wearing the jacket at the moment. Jayden slipped out of the car, slipping the athame blade from the pocket at the same time.
Garnet bit his lip. "It's my fault..." then he looked at Mortis. "That's Regicide?" He let out a dark laugh. "You talk about Legerdemain. You spoke of him when I killed you, Regicide." Any trace of a smile faded. "I warned you about speaking about him like that, didn't I? I could have made your death quick and painless. Richard didn't like it, keeping you holed down there. How long was it before you actually died? A week? A month?"
Regicide slammed his arm against Ursa's jaw and the Australian just keeled over. "Jaw of glass." He remarked as he approached. "You were a dark and very angry man, ginger."
"You don't even know my name."
He shook his head, or rather Mortis'. "Why bother learning? I hardly knew Legerdemain's, apart from that he was on a list. He owed me a lot of money. I didn't know he had a brother, but it wasn't like you were ever going to repay me. I didn't know why you were even after me that night. I understood Malcolm and," He stopped with a Muttley-esk laugh, "Phillipa. I knew them both better than I ever knew you. Oh, hello Malcolm..."
Jayden's hand tightened around the athame blade. "Dennis. You took everything from me..."
"You're disgusting, you know that?" He raises and lowered his arms as if to say 'that's life'. "Anyway, now I'm taking even more from you. I'm surprised you managed to find another...eh...lover...you know, Phil's sister was really hot. He didn't like me thinking that. He told me if I said it again he'd kill me. He hated Felicity though. He tried to kill her, you know that? I don't know what went on in that weird little mind of his. Wasn't just my thing for his sister, either, though. I was just good at ticking him off." He shrugged and smiled and Jayden stepped forward, hand so tight on the blade's handle something was liable to snap. Zebulon chuckled.
"If you try hurt me, you'll just be hurting your boyfriend, you know."
"Oh, I know. But there is nobody in the world I hate more than you."
"I won't even feel it. I can pull out of here whenever I want." And he did. Mortis gave a gasp.
"Help me!"
And then he was gone again, and someone else was behind the face, making the eyes blink and the body straighten. "Oh, it's my turn now. Hello, gents." Garnet and Jayden exchanged looks.
"This is weird." Garnet remarked as the woman in Mortis' body flicked some hair over his/her shoulder.
"It is, really." Mortis' new possessor commented with a shrug. Zebulon actually acted a bit like the long-haired Necromancer, but this one was so very different, so very girly. "I'm not used to having long hair, I'll tell you that now. Never thought of myself of the vengeful type either. I mean, Phil didn't actually kill me..."
"They both know his given name." Franz stated with a raised eyebrow.
"Phil, or Mort or whatever...well, he was my brother." Felicity Insouciant shrugged and smiled, playing with the hair.
"Give him his body back" Jayden shrieked. Felicity walked over in her feminine way, smirking.
"What, so he can kill innocents like me?"
Garnet raised a finger. "You just said he didn't kill you."
"Ah, no, he didn't. He just chased me with a knife...to the edge of a lake-thing...infested with crocodiles..." Fists clenched. "So it's still his fault."
Millie shook her head. "Ms. Insouciant, do you actually know the effects of what you're doing on your brother's body?"
"I just want him to behave."
Garnet glared. "Honey, he was kind of trying to stop a nice evil man from destroying the world, y'know? You're stopping him from doing any good for anyone."
"I'm stopping him from killing"
"This is a war, woman! People die in wars!"
"Oh, he would love that." She winced as Regicide tried to get back in. "Besides, I have to keep this other gent out."
"You'll both give him a heart attack if you're not careful." Millie hissed.
Garnet bit his lip. "What about his other organs? His liver's a transplant..."
Insouciant gasped and Regicide returned. Between that, Mortis was there and lunging for Wilbur. When the Necromancer's hand closed around Jayden's, it was Regicide in there. He knew how to use the magic, and the first thing he did was cut off fingers to get Slander to release his own grip. It worked as the Child of the Spider staggered back with a howl, trying to stem the flow of blood. Ricky and Franz bolted from the car. Ricky went to help Jayden and Franz ran at Regicide, tackling him to the ground and attempting to wrestle his blade from the Necromancer's grip. "It's mine!" He screamed, raining down punches and elbows and kicks and the like. He didn't give Regicide a chance to recover.

A couple of steps away, the Grand Mage was sitting up, groaning. Neither man had a good grip on the blade anymore. He pushed at the air and the blade flew from their separate grips, landing back at Jayden's feet. The Child of the Spider had tears streaming from his eyes from a mix of pain, frustration and grief as he remembered exactly why he had wanted his little brother dead in the first place. He knocked Ricky away and his good hand closed around the blade once more. He glared at both of his old best friends. "Regicide took everything from me. Dorado condemned my lover. I hate both of you!" Regicide stepped in front of Dorado, who was still holding Ravel's daughter.
"Then do something. Lose everything again."
Ricky shook his head as he came close again. "Jay, don't." He was pushed again, and this time lost his footing and fell against the car, blacking out as he hit his head a little too hard. Jayden ran at Regicide, no longer caring that his lover would die alongside this ghost. He ignored Millie and Franz telling him not to. Regicide stepped aside and Wilbur was plunged instead into the belly of Garnet, who let out a surprisingly light and dainty gasp for himself. Jayden stepped back and yanked the blade out, glaring as though he didn't care. Gar looked at him with pleading eyes and Regicide laughed.
"I would have loved to have done that myself, but that is just so much funnier!"
Jayden took the baby off him and pushed the blade handle into his hand instead. "Goodbye, Garnet." He walked slowly back to Ravel and handed him the wailing infant before turning to Regicide. Regicide was grinning maliciously. Jay's eyes flickered down to where Ursa had lay seconds earlier. He still had Garnet's pistol, which became obvious when it clicked readily behind Regicide's head.
"Awright, twat muffin. I know about all the blades you keep on you. Make even the slightest move, I shoot." Regicide smirked but stood still. His eyes flicked to Dorado, who was on his hands and knees now, trying to put pressure on his wound. The smirk grew into a delighted grin. Jayden gently eased a scalpel from the Necromancer's sleeve and passed it to the rather shocked Millie. "Fix the sigils. Get them both out of there now."
"But...but your friend..."
"I told him I'd kill him if he passed on that curse to Mortis, so I did." He narrowed his eyes at Mildred. "I'm nothing if I'm not a man of my word." He sighed. "He's not my friend anymore. Mortis is my friend. Fix him. Bring him back. It's what you came here for, isn't it?"
She nodded. "We need Regicide out before we can lock the sigils though...and I need to locate the right one..." Jayden took the Necromancer's hand and thrust it at the flustered woman. She took a moment to examine it and looked the dark-skinned man in the eyes. "I'm sorry I have to do this..." She scratched deep into the little stump where one of Jayden's fingers used to be and Mortis' eyes closed as there was a fight in his head between all three consciousnesses. She grinned and stabbed the scalpel into the 'patient''s wrist. He let out a shriek and dropped to his knees as she smeared a thin line of blood over her chosen sigil...

((Nope, no clue where any of this came from...How much do you guys like Gar, Mort and Ricky, by the way? I might keep Garnet alive long enough to reunite him with B-J and have him confess his love for her...then die and shatter all hope...what do you guys think?))



    Nice chapter :)

  2. Mortis is one of my favorite characters in the whole of the MC, Garnet is not as high on that list, but still there, and I will be attacking you with glitter, just you wait. [plots evilly] If you kill Ricky, though, I will probably just glare. He's cool enough, but he just isn't as funny as Mort and Gar. Not sure why.


    [because let's face it, glitter is an AWESOME weapon]


    Felicity is rather amusing.

  3. Zaf, I think I may have said it before and I say it again: Kill Ravel? NEVER!!! I decided killing my own characters would be more tragic.

    Fabi, I wonder what I can do with Mortis...bear in mind the only reason Gar is dying instead of him is because he's shared with you...I don't feel safe killing him without permission XD I figured they were well-loved, so...killy killy...*evil laugh*

    [Glitter as a weapon...that gives me an idea...]

    ...I wonder if there's a way to give Felicity a bit more collab time...

    1. Well, you've done more with him than I-- NEVER MIND. THAT IS RIGHT. NO KILLING MORTIS.

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      ...she could run into Effie, who I keep writing for even though she's dead and not coming back from that.


    2. Sounds like a fun idea. You think Effie and Felicity would get along?


      *Lowers bow and arrow* No Mort-Mort? Mmkay. *Kills everyone he loves instead*
      [Gets covered in glitter and wears it all to prom]

      So here I am, the spokesperson for the Supreme Council, to tell you what, exactly?

      Wait a second, no...

    3. I have no idea, actually. Effie would probably act weird and annoying. And she wouldn't understand Felicity not wanting to kill people. But they might get along. Assuming I kept Anna out of the way. Or they might annoy each other do death...wait, they're already dead.


  4. Penguin Queen (which is what I'm going to call you forever now), MY COOKIE!!!

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