Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ursa Borealis: Her again

Garnet and Ricky were waiting outside. Jayden was using the bathroom and Ursa was talking to patients, and Hiro wasn't allowed to leave yet. Ricky heaved a sigh and lit up a cigarette. Garnet shifted away a little and sighed. "So we're leaving it here then?"
"Gar, I would trust Bayside with my life, as you've seen, as would Hiro. He's just a trustworthy person."
"Because you know all about trustworthy people with Valiant, Zebulon, Laureate..."
Ricky narrowed his eyes. "Oh shut up."
Garnet laughed. "I'm just saying."
"Well don't."
"Laureate was the one who set fire to you, right?"
"Not to me directly..."
Ursa walked out, followed by the dark-haired patient, Revolta. Revolta smiled at Ricky. "Can I have a light?" He produced a cigar from his pocket and Garnet covered his mouth and nose, moving swiftly to the other side of the street. Ursa wrinkled his nose at the smell and followed suit.
"I can't stand the smell of smoke." The Australian Mage hissed in disgust. The Irishman shrugged.
"I have a tumour thing. I get kind of phobic of smoke."
Ursa nodded. "It's disgusting stuff."
"Ursa?" Both men turned to see the woman with dark hair and an eyepatch. Ursa's eyes widened and he swore. "I thought it was you!" The woman cried, the swearing having convinced her that she was seeing Ursa.
"I'm not doing anything else for you, Mildred."
She tilted her head to the side. "We're not friends anymore, you psychopath?"
"We never were."
"But Fred wants to talk to you."
"Fred can die in a fire."
"Fred's already dead, remember? Vile killed him."
"Is that how he died? Never thought he'd be taken down by a killer. I thought the eating disorder would take him first."
"Don't joke, Borealis."
Garnet smiled a little. "I like constellations as well."
Both of them gave him a weird look, then Ursa nodded.
"He means my name, Millie."
"Riiiight...You are...?"
"Garnet Dorado, at your service." He actually bowed, to Millie's shock and Ursa's annoyance.
Ursa shoved him away. "He's a psychopathic killer working against me."
"He's a lot like you, right down to the ginger pubes."
Garnet laughed. Ursa went red. "What?"
"Pardon, dear, pardon."
"Oh, go die!"
"No thanks. Nice to meet you, Garnet. I'm Millie."
Ursa glared. "You have business here?"
She smiled sweetly. "There's someone attracting spirits of the dead around here, and not by choice. I think someone's being used."
"Good for them. Let them be used."
"It could mean the end of the wo-orld."
"I don't even like the world."
"You'd die in agony, Ursa. It's a Necromancer being swamped by a Faceless supporter named Regicide or something and some chick named Insouciant. I think she's neutral but has beef with the guy. I think they both do. The guy being swamped is anti-Faceless."
Garnet arched an eyebrow. "And these people are dead?"
"They are. Why?"
"I knew a Regicide. I killed him once because he killed my brother. My friend had something against him as well."
Millie ignored him, deciding what he had to say wasn't worth her time. "I'm going to try help this person. I need back-up, because Regicide might force the man's hand, make him kill. He might hurt me when I try get him out of the Necromancer. Your friends can come along. Garnet here can distract him with his babbling."
"I was going somewhere with what I was saying."
"Sure you were."
Richard and Revolta crossed over, now finished smoking. Jayden was behind them now. Ursa sighed.
"You think it's your friend?" He asked softly to Garnet.
"Maybe, but if it's not, we'll be giving a disadvantage to Mevolent's side by helping this person, right?" They both looked to Millie and Richard asked what was going on...


Indishan sent a blast of air at Mortis, sending him stumbling, but the Necromancer still came at him. The Australian Detective cried out as he was slammed against a wall. "What are you doing?! We're on the same team!"
The knife slid into the man's stomach as he clicked his fingers. The fire never lit up properly. He was still conscious and went after him, but got a door slammed and locked in his face. He pounded on the door, but Mortis was the only one in the hallway beyond. The Necromancer walked on with a bored expression, leaving his knife embedded in Anonymous' belly as not to arouse suspicion with the blood.

Erskine wasn't entirely sure what his final decision in terms of taking Ruby with him was, but she was in his arm, watching him work with her dark eyes, being quiet. Mist was just in the medical room if Ruby needed feeding, and he could take care of everything else. There was a knock on the door. "Come in." Nobody entered. There was another knock. "Come in." He repeated impatiently. This time there was a sound like a body being slammed against the door. "Hello?"

Mortis was fighting against it. Against the urge to kill. It wasn't something he was used to fighting, unless he was faced with a child when around Garnet and Jayden. He pressed his palms flat against the door. "Don't let me in. I'll kill you if you do. Someone's in my head." He pulled his hand away and looked at the faint burn mark on his fingertips. Now he looked closely, the blisters looked like sigils. He swore. "I think they work for Mevolent..." He gritted his teeth, furious at himself for allowing this curse to reach him in the first place. It didn't have a chance to sink into Garnet, and if it had effected Garnet instead of him, the redhead would already be dead. The door suddenly opened, crashing into Mortis' head and causing him to black out for a few seconds. When he came round again, the Grand Mage was disappearing round the corner, off to raise the alarm. He was able to hold himself back, but instinct to go after runners added to the influence from the other person in his head overtook him and he was chasing the Grand Mage. He loved the thrill of a good chase, whether he was doing this of his own free will or not.

Bourges, France

The blue shutters were opened and the glass window smashed. An alarm went off as the four men entered the house. One more man outside silenced the alarm and spoke through a Power Rangers walkie talkie. "I told you to wait until I'd disabled the alarm." He hissed furiously.
One of the first four laughed. "Consequence, we know what we're doing!"
"Morose, we had a plan, please stick to it."
"Hang on, we're at his bedroom door. the light's still off. We should shut up now."
Morose pushed the door open and the four men crept into the room, stopping at the centre as they realised no-one was in the bed. The light went on and they found they were surrounded by cleavers as well as Elders Montagneux, Ame and Orage. Morose swore. "Justis...kill someone...please..."

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