Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mevolent: Dealing With Justaria

( this is kinda like...before my chapter with Deathy so yeah )

Mevolent was in the throne room when someone came in. They were followed by someone else. Familiar. 
"Have you brought the American Grand Mage?" He asked the Redhood. They shook their head,
"Hello master." Justaria said grinning. She took out her knife showing who she was. Mevolent had a small smile.
"So you escaped from your mind? About time." Justaria just bowed her head
"Zafira has learned to control me. I couldn't come out until she was relaxed. Least she has Javier. But I'm out until she gains control." She smiled. Mevolent studied her closely. He had an idea what to do with her while he had her. She was so strong. 
"Go into Dublin. There's an American agent from Kerias's Sanctuary. Kill him but wear the cloak you wore. I don't want Zafira in trouble or you won't ever be out. Go." He demanded and Justaria bowes and left. Knowing her she'd be back in an hour or so. True names were funny like that.

The evening came, it rained. Justaria came back and lowered her hood. She looked like she was soaked
"It is done." She said. Mevolent nodded dismissing her and he turned to go to bed. Suddenly the shadows formed in front of him. Justaria smiled and lunged. Mevolent used te air and pushed her into the wall.
"Attacking your master?" He snarled. Justaria stood smiling,
"I have no masters. I am a Grand Mage." Zafira had regained control and sent shadows right into Mevolent. He staggered and grabbed her. He kept her against the wall with the air and took out the god-killer and put it to her neck
"Now surrender and I let you live." He said. He moved the sword enough it wouldn't cut her when she spoke
"Fine." And Zafira was let free and shadows cut across Mevolent's sword hand. He dropped the god-killer and then the damned Necromancer shadow-walked. Typical of her. 
"Cowardly Necromancer." He sighed and went again to go to bed. He'd deal with the cuts in the morning, if he was alive.

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  1. Interesting chapter. The plot continues to thicken!