Monday, June 17, 2013

Zafira Kerias: The Years Before Part 1

Zafira looked at the other people around her. She was one of the only people from America to help with the war. The rest were busy with other war problems but Bisahalani had insisted she be allowed to go to Ireland to help. She was actually lucky. She was with Dexter Vex and Saracen Rue. Vex was cool but Saracen made her a bit uneasy. She thought him to be a know it all. She was only supposed to be giving them the location of Mevolent and then returning to await word from Meritorious. Saracen glanced at the field,
"They're coming. Vengeous and Vile." He said. The three of them prepared themselves. 
"Just Vengeous Vile got distracted." Saracen said. Zafira readied shadows and Vex was ready. Vengeous came and saw them. He attacked. Zafira sent shadow knives at him. Vex sent a stream of energy after Vengeous.  Saracen kept back for a moment and struck from behind Vengeous. Vengeous turned on Saracen and Zafira sent shadows at him before he cut Saracen. Saracen took the chance and moved far out of reach of the cutlass. Zafira felt something cut her and Vengeous was standing over her. She focused on good things and sent shadows at him. There was a slightly high pitched screech and she saw the Baron retreat. Someone grabbed her and helped her up. Vex.
"Thanks." She said. Vex nodded and they walked far from the field. 
"You can shadow-walk far?" Saracen asked. Zafira smiled
"Yeah perks of knowing your true name I suppose." She shrugged, everyone knew she knew her true name. Since Justaria came out last. She grabbed the two and shadow-walked to where Meritorious was. He seemed surprised she had both of them with her.
"Sorry felt better knowing these two were safe. Mevolent is in that damn field." She reported. Saracen nodded
"Yeah Vile is too and Vengeous attacked us. Speaking of the attack Zafira you should get that nice cut across your chest looked at." She glared at Saracen but went to get help. 

A few days passed and nobody had attacked. Zafira enjoyed helping the Irish mages in the war. It felt good to beat up evil. Saracen had stayed with her since he owed it to her. He was the one who wanted her to go with them. It was close to a big battle. Zafira had only seen Vile, as herself, once. So she hadn't any idea how they'd survive. One person on duty called and everyone was ready. Zafira readied the shadows and ran forward into battle. Then she saw Lord Vile. 

***To be continued

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