Saturday, June 22, 2013

Zafira Kerias: The Years Before Part 2

Zafira shadow walked behind Saracen. He took hold of her so she didnt fall.
"Vile. Veeery up close I kinda freaked." She panted. Saracen nodded and Vex was behind them
"Enough talking. Vile is attacking." Vex snapped. Saracen smirked and ran off with Zafira following. She readied the shadows and joined Saracen and a few others attacking Vile. They all hoped someone got a lucky shot. She felt Saracen move to stand next to her,
"Zafira if we survive this will you come with me tonight?" He asked. Slightly confused Zafira sent daggers of shadows at Vile and replied, "Sure." With that being said there was a volley of shadows. Zafira used her own shadows to deflect as many as she could from as many of her side as possible. Finally seeing it was pointless they retreated and Saracen took Zafira's hand and they left. They went to where Saracen had found a cabin.

The following morning Zafira was told she had to give Bisahalani a report. 
"Right. This'll be fun." She wrote it up and sent a teleporter with the letter. She walked around trying to stay calm. Just then she felt a knife slice her arm. 
"Baron." She groaned and sent shadows after him. She yelped as he picked her up easily and held her against a tree. Zafira couldn't move and she didn't like it. 
"Okay really put me down!" She screeched. She tried and broke her leg free and rammed him. The Baron let go and she shadow-walked to Saracen. He looked shocked to see her materialize out of shadows.
"Baron. Out there. I kicked him and he looked in pain but eh we got to get out." She told him and shadow-walked with Saracen. On the whole he looked petrified. Zafira smirked. She found everyone else and told them. 
"Well." Vex said " Maybe you and Saracen going to that cabin was a good thing. Means we know where the Baron is lurking. Maybe not all Necromancers are useless." And Zafira glared at him. 
"The next mage Mevolent or Resistance that disses Necromancers is going to pay dearly." She growled and Saracen took the chance to take her elsewhere. 
"Look Zaf before you kill anyone don't forget you are a Necromancer. In America it's obvious most mages treat you with a bit more respect and don't judge you. Others here....not many like Necromancers. Grand Mage Bisahalani must really like you because most mages despise Necromancers. You just are nothing like them." Saracen explained. Zafira sighed and kicked a pebble,
"What did I ever do? I just come to help!" She looked upset. Saracen hugged her
"They'll get used to it, Zaf. I promise." He led her back to the group and they waited for what lay ahead.


Zafira smiled at the memory. Saracen Rue had been nice to her and she remembered dating him briefly. She almost wanted to move to Ireland but her duty called her home to the States. She never regretted it. Javier wrapped his arms around her as Alexis played. He wanted Alexis to have a sibling but with everyone wanting to kill Alexis she would not agree. Alexis crawled over to her parents and Javier picked her up. She fell asleep holding a teddy bear. Javier took her and put her in the crib letting the sigils activate themselves. At least if Alexis got out they won't hurt her. Javier came down and sat by Zafira.
"Oh come on you don't think Alexis would like a sibling?" He asked. Zafira shook her head
"Javier if every general and Mevolent didn't want her dead maybe." She told him. Javier ran his hands through her hair. 
"Please?" He asked. 
"Alright Javier." She finally agreed and he kissed her. 


  1. Poor Alexis, with everyone wanting to kill her! D:

    Nice chapter, Zaf.

  2. Ok, I'm sorry, but I have to very strongly agree with Zaf on this one- I would question the wisdom of having a child in the midst of a war, which has already happened, and we have observed many possible consequences. Now, a second child, in addition to the first...? It would make more sense, too, if you weren't leading the USA, but you are, so just for your sake (and the child's), I would try to hold off till the war ends...? Then again, it's totally your choice, and there's no guarantee that the war ever will end, so... Whatever! ;p Nice chapter(s), by the way.