Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kelpsie Repine and Daemon Scaroe: Getting Protective.

Kelpsie and Austin had never gotten along. Kelpsie found him annoying and impudent. Austin found him pushy and overboard with rules. They were now sat opposite one another, just glaring. Austin was shivering a little. "You two tracked me."
"Puh-lease." Crystalline barked from the corner, "we planned for you to meet with Box and come here from the start."
"You did?" He frowned.
"We did."
"Was he in on it too?"
Repine shook his head. "Wisdom is just as much a victim as you are."
"Yeah, I doubt it."
Crystalline shrugged. "He likes his trust and solitude. I'm pretty sure one thing he doesn't like is this." She gestured to the crowd in the corridor. Awesome, Daemon, Sierra, Robyn, Andeep, Gale and 'Box'. Indeed, Box was looking very, very unhappy. Austin shrugged.
"Most of that crowd just saved my life."
"Doesn't mean Box'll accept them."
"I guess not. Cleric Noon, Cleric Repine, do you two want something from me or...?"
"Yup." She moved further in, grinning maliciously. Heck, this girl could make eating a banana look menacing. That was part of why Austin used to like her so much. Plus she had a good figure. "Austin, we'll need your sisters to help as well, but at the same time, you play a big part."
Repine squirmed uncomfortably. "Crys, I can't go through with this."
She looked at him funny. "What?"
"I think it's evil. I don't like Austin, but...but this is basically sacrifice!"
Daemon stepped in. "He's my friend. You are not sacrificing him for anything."
"Agreed." Austin piped up instantly.
Crystalline gave an exasperated sigh. "Look, it might sound crazy and psychotic and it might be scary, but it's important!"
"I said no, Crys." Repine responded firmly, standing.
"You can't be serious. This is Austin bloody Baritone. The stupid ADHD kid. Nobody likes him. He fled the temple to live on the streets because he's an idiot who dismisses everything noteworthy he hears as stupid because his stupid rat-sized mush-made brain is one big malfunction! He isn't even worth anything!" She stopped, turned and found about five fresh glares trained on her.


There was a man lying at the side of the road, gripping his head and moaning as if he were in pain. A dark-skinned man stood by him as though guarding him to make sure no harm came to him.

In reality, Indishan was making sure the man didn't hurt himself or any passers by. He half-turned towards Mortis. "You aren't faking, huh?"
"They're in my head." the killer whimpered in response. "I can't think. I can only hear their thoughts. He wants me dead and she wants me to do good things."
"You were doing good things. You were helping save the world. Tell her to stick that in her pipe and smoke it."
"I think I'm going to be sick..."
"You haven't eaten in, like, 27 hours. I doubt you can be sick."
"Give me something to eat so I can be sick then."
"I think the answer to that is a big no."
Mortis went back to moaning. It felt like his head was a war zone, his entire left arm had a burning, tingling sensation mix that was really pissing him off and also he had a sore throat and a cold developing, which just plain sucked. Also he missed the blades he had had to leave behind, especially Wilbur. Wilbur could well be in the hands of Franz right then, and that thought made him need to kill someone.
"Detective Anonymous?" called a rather surprised, and rather American, voice. Indishan turned and his eyes widened.
"Detective Heatwave."
Memphis' face broke into a grin. "I think we've met."
"Obviously." Mortis spat from the ground. Memphis stopped smiling and turned a somewhat cold gaze to the killer.
"You are?"
"This is a man who has been helping me with an investigation. Mortis."
"Right. Oh, Indishan, have you met Anton?" He gestured to the man behind him. "He's a bit too tall and a bit too thin, but I think we can take out a general and replace him provided Mr Shudder here is an okay actor."
"Which I'm not. Plus they're bound to notice."
"And yet you've already agreed to do it."
"Provided you can take the general himself out."
Mortis' voice grew savage. "Anton Shudder is supposed to be dead!" He sat up, still cradling his throbbing head.
"Well I'm not." The man replied coldly in his quiet voice.
"My boyfriend assured me he had killed you."
Memphis stepped between them, smiling nervously. "Well, gain solace in the idea that if he's found out while imitating Serpine, he'll probably be tortured and killed...on that note, we could use your help getting in...Indie, it true you know a safe way in?"
"I have contacts, yeah. Not sure how much longer they'll be willing to help."
The American smiled back. "Brilliant. Guy holding his head, you're not necessarily helpful. Unless you kill people. Feel up to killing people?"
Indishan answered for him just as the Necromancer opened his mouth. "Dude, he's a con. What do you think he's in for? He's absolutely covered in blades. Of course he's up to killing."
"It's one of my most beloved hobbies." Mortis whispered in awe. Two foreign Sanctuary officials were actually encouraging him to kill. It was like a dream come true.
Indishan whispered to Memphis on the way back to the American's most recent stolen car. "He's unstable. I think someone else is in his head. That or he's going nuts."
Memphis frowned. "What do you mean, someone else in his head?" He unlocked the car and slid in behind the wheel.
"Well...he just suddenly went nuts with people helping him achieve his own goals, and...I'm pretty certain someone may have been trying to control bursts...I only followed him to make sure he didn't get forced to hurt innocents or himself. He's kind of valuable, abilities wise." The car pulled off down the road and Memphis nodded slowly.
"I understand. I'll see if I can find someone to look at him. They have my wife, you know." He checked the rear-view mirror. Mortis and Anton were chatting and seeming to get along fairly well.
"Is she good with this sort of thing?"
"I think it comes under her professional field..."
Indishan nodded. "Take the next left."
"I know where I'm going, Anonymous. I have a certain way I wish to approach this. I want you to call an associate and get them to find a way to get Serpine out for the count. This, I think, has just made things a whole lot easier."

Indishan made his call, but the four of them never got inside Mevolent's castle.

((Meow :3 This would have been up earlier, buut I was sidetracked by installing Sims 3...I made the Dead Men, Tanith, Mist and went interesting from that point...vex and Rue are married, Scorn and Shudder are besties but Shudder's wishes are all romantic interaction with Scorn, Tabith is besties with Skul (who sets fire to the kitchen whenever Vex and Rue get really romantic) and wants nothing to do with Ghastly...I spent the whole of yesterday looking for a way to fulfil a want that apparently adoption wouldn't work for because someone was mentioned specifically in the failed though. Aaaaand I babbled again. Hey look, I have an exam Monday...and a birthday in 10 days...and an exam in 10 days...yup, I give up on life...Saracen Sim hates Anton Sim and keeps flirting with Erskine Sim, therefore upsetting him...Ghastly and Erskine actually act like themselves though, it's great. Anton does a little as well. I feel mildly successful. Also Dexacen fankids.))

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