Sunday, July 21, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Freedom's Price (Part 3)

Zafira stood holding Jayla in the backyard. This was the first time she was home since Javier's arrest. Javier himself was feeding Jason. Alexis was inside playing. Zafira felt happiness holding the tiny baby. Jayla fell asleep and Zafira quietly took her to her room and let the baby sleep in her crib. Javier came up with Jason and the twins slept. Once both were in cribs Javier took Zafira downstairs kissing her as she made it into the living room. 
"Zaf we need you to be prepared." He reminded her. 
"Yeah I know ok? It's not Niccol├│ we're facing." She retorted. 

The man watched the home from his hiding spot. They had children the couple. He was surprised a Grand Mage could have kids. Then again Zafira wasn't much like any other Grand Mage. The man crept into the bushes and used the air to open the window. Zafira lept from the couch and the man slammed her into a wall. She struggled to get free. Then to his surprise she moved the air away from herself. She leapt at him again and swept his legs out and sent him to the floor. She held him down and held her knife to him,
"Hello m'dear. You're under arrest for a lot of things." She said with an insane smile on her lips. Javier looked in shock,
"Uncle you wouldn't dare...." He growled. The man beneath Zafira hit her hard and sent her off him. He smiled and took her and held her by the throat. 
"I warned you I would kill her. And it isn't going to be pretty for her. " He said as Zafira struggled to get away. The man simply cut her palm. The cut itself wasn't very deep but it sent Zafira to the floor writhing and screaming. Javier's eyes widened as she was turning pale. He went to her and tried to get her to see him.
"Zaf hush I got you..." He murmured. Zafira opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. Javier glared at his uncle. He knew she'd die no matter what. He took out a knife and went straight after his uncle. The man merely smiled and tapped a symbol sending Javier flying. Javier got back up and leapt pinning the man to the wall. He took the knife and stabbed. He basically replicated Judge Turpin's death. Javier left the man for dead, the first man Javier had actually killed without his magic. He knelt beside Zafira who was barely breathing. 
"Zaf speak. Please I promise everything will be okay." He murmured. She smiled weakly and her eyes opened once and closed. Suddenly Zafira's skin turned to it's normal color. Her eyes opened bright and she grinned,
"Miss me?" Justaria asked.

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  1. Oh... Crap. I was so close to tears and then... Godammit! Freaking amazing chapter Zaffy!!