Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Freedom's Price (Part 1)

Zafira held the knife close. Javier had gone out to get food and she needed to stay calm. With the nightmares consuming her sleep she had no choice but to deal with it. Niccol├│ had done this and so God help him if he ever goes near her. Alexis played. Zafira stayed in the living room. Javier finally came home and smiled,
"Hello Zaf." He said and hugged her tightly. She hugged him back and he took her hand. 
"My love." He murmured sweetly. He put his hand on her stomach,
"Does Alexis know?" She shook her head. They had to wait until the next Friday before they could speed the process. 
"I'll get her." He said and let go of Zafira. He went and picked Alexis up.
"Come here little one." He said as she started to freak. He places her beside Zafira. Alexis gazed up at her mother,
"What's going on?" She asked. Zafira sniled,
"We decided we would get you a present....sort of. You're going to be a big sister." She told Alexis. Alexis widened her eyes and hugged her mother tightly. 
"Yay yay yay yay!!!!" She screamed dancing around. It brought laughter to her parents. 
"Oh Alexis..." Javier smiled. Alexis was so excited she woke Coco up. Coco started barking. Alexis threw her tennis ball and Coco chased it happily. 

After the chaos Zafira was awake beside Javier. He smiled as he held her. 
"So when do you find out the gender?"
"Tomorrow. I'll be at the Sanctuary for a while but I need to be. I had Alexis and was home for weeks. I can't be out long. I knew it was a bad time to have another!" She looked distressed. Javier kissed her neck,
"Hush. You'll be fine. If we waited until Mevolent was defeated who knows if we'd have been alive?" He soothed. Zafira began to relax as Javier fell asleep. She did as well.  

Alexis was at a friend's house playing and Javier decided to play Call of Duty. It was quiet and nobody was home. Coco slept on the floor and Zafira had gone to the Sanctuary. Suddenly Javier's phone rang. He glanced at the caller I.D and his heart skipped a few beats. Numbly he answered,
"Javier Fyreheart speaking." The voice answering made his face pale,
"Javier we had a deal. What have you done?! I wanted it done." Javier kept his voice even,
"I told you I would when I could ok? I will do it. Not yet. I'm fine with killing but I do not kill pregnant women." He snapped. The voice sounded angered,
"You have until the 15th...if you don't do it I will do it and kill YOU with her. Got it?!" 
"Yes, Uncle." Javier replied and the phone went dead. He scrolled to calander. It was the 5th. Zaf was due the 12th. He couldnt but he had to. 

(Warning i may not post another for a while im in a bookstore with wifi so)

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