Saturday, July 20, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Freedom's Price (Part 2)

Zafira lay awake. The process had been sped up successfully. She'd see her twins soon enough. The twins were a girl and a boy. Alexis was asleep in Zaf's office. She could tell it would be an hour or so before she'd be in labor. 

Within a few hours Zafira held her twins. Alexis sat proudly next to her mother. Javier stood close. 
"Shall we name them?" He asked. He looked at the boy wrapped in a blue blanket.
"Jason?" He asked. 
"Yes!" Zafira agreed, "And the girl can be Jayla?" Javier nodded.
"My siblings!!!" Alexis screeched skipped around. The family just stayed there. 

Zafira came home on the 13th. The twins slept in their own room. Alexis was so excited. Things were looking good. 

Javier sighed and got up. He had to do this. He knew he had to. He took Zafira out to the fountain. He held her close to himself. He could feel Zafira shaking slightly.
"Hush my love." He murmured. He closed his eyes and focused on Zafira. He intensified it hoping it'd be quick for her.

Zafira found herself in her living room. Niccol├│ was there and he was torturing her. Zafira's screams echoed all around. She wanted to end end it all. She took her knife and stabbed herself.

Javier kneeled beside Zafira and held her close. He pulled back and he watched her eyes focus on him.
"Javier...why?" She asked. Javier kissed her cheek.
"I had to Zaf. I had to." He said. He watched her as her movements grew weaker. Javier felt bad as he watched her dying. Suddenly a few mages came forward and pulled Javier off Zafira. It was some of her friends. One of them picked her up,
"Grand Mage can you speak?" He asked. She shook her head. The other two had Javier struggling between them. They took both of them to the Sanctuary. A few doctors came over and healed her. Zafira didn't move more or less in shock. 

Javier struggled until someone locked him in a holding cell. He sat on the small bed furious with himself. He got caught and Zafira would live. He loved her and he couldn't let his uncle kill her as it'd be slow and painful. He couldn't. He waited for whatever lay ahead.

Zafira got up and was released to go deal with Javier. She walked down to the holding cells now with two Cleavers guarding her. She went to Javier's and unlocked it. He stepped out and she handcuffed him. She led him to the interview room and he sat. One of her detectives sat opposite of Javier. Zafira stood behind her detective. She didn't look happy but she stayed there. Finally, Jade, the  detective spoke.
"Javier why did you try to kill the Grand Mage, your own wife?" Javier looked down trying to not look at his own wife,
"Because I was forced to." He replied. Jade nodded,
"You realize if Grand Mage Kerias decides you can be in Gaol for attempted murder of the Grand Mage?" She asked. Javier nodded and Jade continued,
"Who forced you to Javier?" 
"My uncle. He gave me a decade to do it and I planned to but.....I fell for her! We have beautiful children together but a few days before the twins were born my uncle called me and threatened to kill us both and if I allowed him to kill her it'd have been a slow and painful death I didn't want that for her!" Javier looked distressed and was almost ready to cry, Jade wrote this down,
"Javier your wife is Grand Mage! You could have reported him to her and she has the resources to stop it!" Jade exclaimed. Javier's reply was quiet,
"I know. I don't know what possessed me to not do that." Zafira broke in,
"Javier for god's sake why didn't you TELL me?!" Zafira's voice cracked and she didn't speak. Jade spoke again,
"Okay Javier where is your uncle?"
"New Jersey." He said. "In Wildwood." Jade nodded.
"Grand Mage you ought to go. I'll give you the paperwork. He's under arrest so it's up to you if he's to be released or not..." Zafira got up and left with her two Cleavers. She went to her office and worked on her paperwork from other cases. Jade came back an hour later and gave her the paperwork for Javier. Jade looked a bit uneasy,
"Grand Mage, I suggest maybe you go get Alexis, Jayla and Jason keep them here." Jade bowed and left. Zafira shadow-walked home and got the kids and let them in her office. She went back to Javier's file. If she condemned him he'd be in prison for at the very least 200yrs. If she let him go he'd be with her. Finally she just released him. She went down to the holding cells and released Javier. He wrapped his arms around her and they kissed. 

The sun was hot in Wildwood. The man watched shaking his head. His nephew had failed to kill Grand Mage Kerias. He got in the car and drove. Kerias would die no matter what. And he planned to do it. Painfully.

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