Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Javier Fyreheart: The Problem With Killing

Javier sat in the living room. Zafira was...well...working. Alexis playing. The client was urgent
"Javier i know you said you retired but come on. Please?" She asked. Javier sighed
"Fine. Where is the victim?"
"They live near Central Park." 
"Fine." Javier hung up. He waited until Alexis was asleep. He put her in her crib and left to go do his job. He went to the house number and easily snuck in. The victim was a girl about 20. She saw Javier her eyes wide. Javier didn't give time to answer as he focused on her. She soon was locked in her nightmare. He waited for the screaming and crying to cease. He intensified it. Finally the girl took a kitchen knife and slit her throat. She died holding the knife that took her life. Javier left and went to the client.
"Payment." He said quietly. The client gave him the money in an envelope. 
"Dead?" She asked. Javier nodded
"Sorry Miss Glenda but I'm afraid I have to do this." He focused on Glenda and intensified it. She twitched and kept begging. When she couldn't take it she smashed her head into the bricks until she died. Javier walked home. 

Zafira came home two days later the amount of work keeping her at the Sanctuary. Javier smiled seeing her home and hugged her. 
"I missed you, Zaf." He murmured. 
"I missed you too." They kissed. Alexis came running in 
"Momma you're home!" She exclaimed. Laughing Zafira picked up her daughter. 
"Did you miss me Alexis?" 
"Yes!" Alexis exclaimed. Zafira hugged her tight,
"Well baby I'm home now." She set Alexis down. She smiled as her daughter ran into the living room filled with toys. Javier was cooking the ham he had started that afternoon.
"Anything good?" He asked. Zafira sat at the table
"Ravel has a kid. Maybe if we all survive Alexis could meet them. I prefer to stay on good terms with Ireland rather then get them mad. For a small country they can fight. " Zafira felt a ball hit her leg.
"Alexis!" She sighed. The ball rolled to the living room. 
"Any news Zaf?" He asked. She knew what he meant.
"Yes. And someone is going to be very happy." Javier turned a shocked look on his face
"You...are?" He asked. 
"Yes and in return you need to promise me we will wait if we want more until AFTER the war." 
"I promise Zaf."

Later that night Javier lay awake. His wife was asleep beside him. He kept thinking of the girl. The girl he killed. She would never experience parenthood. He shook his head. He hadn't killed her. She comitted suicide. Finally he fell asleep. 


  1. Wow, look at that. The Grand Mage's husband, a not-so-former freelance assassin. I have to say I wasn't expecting that. And I liked him... *frowns* Well. I'll have to think about this. Lovely chapter, though!

    1. Javier is very likeable trust me. How do you think he makes money? They don't live off of Zaf being Grand Mage. Of course she doesn't know the truth and he never would kill Zaf