Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fabi: The Less I Seem to Breathe

     It wasn't hard for Fabi-gist to blend in with the rest of Mevolent's army, among the less important sorcerers, monsters, etc., that weren't even on any sort of roster. She just grinned evilly at anyone who looked her in the eye, and randomly tore apart a wall. Cool, and the destruction was actually kinda fun.
     All the same, though, the gist was its own being. It wanted her to destroy everything, and she couldn't let it control her. Not that it didn't already have enough control to kill.
     "What do you think would happen if I killed you in the afterlife?" Faeris either grinned or scowled. Hard to tell.
     "I would guess it's illegal. Now please be quiet, I'm--"
     "Busy doing nothing! All you're doing is sitting there!"
     "So you say."
     "I have eyes." To prove this, she rolled them. 
     "I can see that. With my eyes." Fabi rolled her own eyes.
     "Shut up."
     Faeris muttered something back just so she could have the last word and went back to moping and being bored.
     When Fabi focused on the part of her that might or might not qualify as alive, she immediately noticed that she was standing over a dead body. The man was covered in blood as if he had been stabbed and slashed basically everywhere at once, and a look down at her hands showed that Fabi, or the gist had been the killer. Lovely.
     After a merry chase to avoid the security-guard people, wash off the blood in the restroom, and blend back in a bit less conspicuously once that was done, Fabi found herself in the hall with the offices of pretty much everyone important. She smiled. Who to kill first?
     No, Fabi didn't really like killing, that was the gist. She was--
    "Got her!"
     Something hit the head very, very hard and then blackness.
     It wasn't that difficult to locate the trophy room. Ember snuck in without much of an issue. Mevolent liked people to see this, she supposed, so they could look at all the people he was proud of killing.
     She stopped short as she saw Eff's body and frowned. Should she try to bring her back to life? Granted, Effie would probably try to kill her, but in the end she wouldn't succeed, and the two of them could go kill Mevolent together, right? Hopefully. Ember reached out, looking for Effie's soul, but found...nothing. She must be under lock and key, then, like Fabi. At least she wasn't gone though, not like... Ember stopped that thought. Later she could be upset about the only person she'd really cared about. Now, she had work to do.
     The first body on the left was that of a young girl, maybe seven or eight, it was hard to tell. For a moment, Ember considered leaving her. She was just a kid, after all. That thought was quickly banished by the realization that the corpse wasn't just a little kid, she was a little kid important enough to be displayed in Mevolent's trophy room. Ember closed her eyes and reached out for the girl's soul. She didn't hear the door opening behind her, the woman in the white dress was both swift and silent.
((Oh. My. Goodness. That was hard. I just can't picture Fabi with Liberty's gist...))

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