Monday, July 15, 2013

Alta Pythia: Diviner of the Seventh Flame, Last Prophet of the Line of Claros

     The woman in white stopped behind Ember and asked in a soft voice "What brings you to step between the cycle of life and death?"
    Ember continued to search until finally she found it, leading the little girl's soul back to her body. Then she noticed someone was behind her. "Who are you?" she asked, both to the girl and the woman. The girl remained silent.
     "I am Alta Pythia, diviner of the seventh flame, last prophet of the line of Claros, who are you?"
     "Ember." Ember smiled, "Nice to meet you." She held out her right hand for Alta to shake, fishing in her pocket for a syringe with the other, just in case.
     She had her back to the girl, and didn't see her pull out a doll, wrapping it in a white handkerchief, and tapping its head lightly.
     "The pleasure is mine." Alta shook Ember's hand with a smile, then shook the girl's hand as well. "Poor Siren!" she exclaimed. "She has a spell for silence on her forehead."
     " do you know her name is Siren?" Ember kept the syringe ready, just in case.
     "Because she told me so. She can speak in my mind."
     Siren smiled slightly and pulled out another doll. With a quick, expert motion, she scratched Ember onto its back, and tapped its head slightly.
     My name is indeed Siren. Hello.
     "Hello." Oookayyy then. Siren just spoke in her head. With a doll. That was kinda cool, actually.
     I should probably mention, Alta is working for Mevolent and plans to kill you. Just so you know.
     "Uh, okay. Um...what type of magic is this?"
     Sympathetic magic. Using something small, like a doll, to influence something larger, like you. Or Alta.
     Creepy. So can you read my mind? Ember thought. Siren didn't respond in any way, shape it form, which presumably meant no.
     Alta watched in silence. "What are you talking about?" she asked, an eyebrow raised.
     Ember frowned for a moment, then made a spontaneous decision. She brought out the syringe and held it against Alta's hand. "What are you doing here?"
     Alta's mouth opened and closed like a fish, and then she spoke. "I am serving the true master, working to bring back the Faceless Ones. You are a traitor." She twisted away, then pulled out a gun. "I can shoot you both before you have a chance to scream. Don't move."
     Siren's eyes widened. I can kill her, but not fast enough. Can you take away the gun? Or distract her so she doesn't see me?
     It's all good, Ember thought back. I can kill her myself. Siren didn't respond. Oh, yeah, she can't read my mind. Right.
     Ember put away the syringe and put her hands in the air. And then she ate Alta's soul before the woman had a chance to laugh. This is for Liberty, she thought to herself.
     Siren nodded. Thank you.
     "No problem. Do you know any of these--"
     Someone's coming. Siren shoved Ember behind a pedestal and moved Alta's body to where her own had been. She was surprisingly strong for her size, Ember noted rather sourly as she rubbed her shoulder.
     The thugs entered the room with another body, lovely. And then Ember jumped, realizing it was Fabi. What had happens to her this time?

((Sorry it's short))

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