Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mortis Grievance: Save Our Souls

If there was one thing Mortis hated, it was sitting in a Mortal hospital, waiting amongst that unpleasant disinfectant smell, waiting for the news as to whether someone was alive or dead. He would never be quite sure which one it would be when he would next come. Feeling uncomfortable with a few others in the relatives room, he began whistling, just to ease his nerves. Millie had kept Wilbur with her, and he wasn't sure where she was. Not in the hospital, that was all he really knew. Others were getting annoyed by his whistling, but he didn't care. In fact, it was just more a reason to whistle. A man stepped in and called a woman away, and judging by the tears her husband had just died. Unless she had tried to kill him and, sadly, he had survived. Mortis laughed to himself with this little thought and ignored the confused looks the others gave him. What kind of person laughed when someone they loved might be dying? Then again, Mortis was pretty nuts. At least he hadn't let that shine through when he told the people at the hospital that Jayden was his step-brother. Considering his condition, he wasn't sure he'd be able to see him if they weren't actually related. At least he was good at lying, especially without thinking. Perhaps some would call him a pathological liar or whatever.

A doctor or nurse or something came in to talk to him. "Mortimer Simpson?" Asked a gentle voice, and Mortis looked up and stood up.
"How's Jayden?"
"Your brother is fine. The knife didn't hit any major organs. He's been lucky, but he'll be fine."
He let out a breath he hadn't been aware he had been holding and the nurse, some weird blond bloke who looked too much like that demon-possessed guy for Mort's comfort, gave him a smile that was probably supposed to portray comfort, but just made him shudder. He hurried over to the bed as best he could the moment he saw Jayden, and his lover was already sat up. They gave each other a hug, and then he fought it, this odd feeling that he was blacking out...what on Ea...


Furnace stood before him, just outside the door. "I'm the only one available to open the door..." He mumbled uncertainly when Furnace asked who he was. It was a good thing he was so good with foreign language. Furnace only spoke Russian, by the looks of things, which Austin could speak almost fluently. Well, looking at her, he could see why they called her Furnace. She was hot. Think of disgusting things, Austin. After all, you have a girlfriend. He walked  into the building, gesturing to Furnace to follow him, and she did. She spread herself across on a sofa. Apparently she was the sister of the Easter Bunny. Austin was naturally confused by this, but nonetheless went to fetch Santa and tell him she was there.

Santa also looked a little confused. "Eistre's sister?" He peeked round the doorway, saw Furnace and groaned. "Okay, yes, that is my sister-in-law..." He muttered uncertainly, stepping forward to see what Furnace wanted. She instantly stood, crossing her arms. "Bunny's been kidnapped."
"You heard me. We think it was Mevolent's men."
"'We' being?"
"Myself, a man named Scarlet, my husband Lelenny, and Mr T."
"The Necromancer?"
"I see."
"You have friends here, clearly."
"How did you know where to find me?"
"Your secret hideout isn't very secret. You'd best move. Meanwhile, if you want to see Eistre again, you'd best help us."
Santa hesitated for a moment. "I...need to talk to my moment, Furnace..."
It was clear he was going to go for his wife. What man wouldn't? He just needed to get help from the others.


His head swimming, Mortis forced himself to sit up. ignoring the pain in his hip and leg. Great, the crutch was gone. He found he was in a rather comfy bed and hoped for a moment he was in the hospital still, but then he saw Franz in the doorway. He had Wilbur in his hand, twiddling with it. Looking to the sides, he found he was in the hospital thing that had belonged to the short blond man who had been murdered before. Beside him to one side lay Ricky, Hiro and Jayden. To the other side, some liquid pouring into it, was a corpse. A terrifyingly familiar corpse. It was Garnet Dorado's corpse...



    The collab, I mean.


    I still laugh whenever I see Santa's name mentioned.




  2. I am a defibrillator. I will bring the collab back to lifes.

    Funny, I despise cliffhangers, and yet there is the end of my story...and possibly my first book...and the only multi-chapter fanfic I ever completed...