Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cadence Nightwish: Emergency Stop

Cadence was asleep on the sofa, one hand over her baby belly. Austin was sat on the arm of the chair, smiling. He was going to have a new niece or nephew soon. The name had already been decided. Teddie, either way. He gently stroked her hair, really wanting a hug but having no-one to hug him. Daemon walked in and sat down in front of the television, but completely ignored him otherwise. There was a yell in the distance, in another room. A crash of a breaking window. Austin sat up straight, startled, and looked around, not entirely sure where the crash had come from. Someone swore and three of the Americans came in. Two were rather calm, but Memphis was in a bit of a flap. Xerxes clenched his fists, head bowed as though in prayer. Austin scowled. "What the bloody hell is going on?"
Cadence sat up as Ursa struggled to find the words. "Zombies." He finally gasped out. "We need more weapons, they're in the house! We're surrounded!"
The atmosphere changed quickly. Cadence forced herself to her feet, swearing. Austin had the flintlock pistol out in seconds, Daemon was off the floor and out the door in seconds, ready to rip bodies apart. Memphis went to the nearest window in an attempt to count the number of bodies out there. He swore and stepped away. "Hundreds." he told the others blankly. "We'll need more than bullets, Borealis."
Ursa shook his head. "I have fire."
"Not much use."
Xerxes shook his head, pulling down the blinds, shutting and barricading the door. "All I can do is vomit spiders." he muttered miserably. "I never fight with weapons..."
River curled up on the sofa, looking simply shocked. "Is he dead?"
"Nemo's tough." Xerxes insisted, breaking a leg off the table as they heard a window break.
"Cay?" Austin began, raising an arm protectively, "Get to your room. You shouldn't fight."
"I'm staying. I can fight. I won't be much safer in my room anyway, Austin."
He nodded. "Just looking out for my sister."
She shrugged, slipping on her old engagement ring. Shadows curled around it and she smiled. "First to a hundred kills wins."
"You're on."


Ass Bandit smiled, carefully stitching the throat wound shut and planting a kiss on the oh so cold lips of the rather attractive murderer. Jayden and Millie where shackled in the corner. Jay was still crying, very loudly. He had held his boyfriend as the blood poured over the bandaged body, trying to stem the flow and help him breathe, trying to keep him alive while Maleficent barred their exit. He had slowly grown so cold and pale, and Jayden had been there as Mortis' life appeared to slip away. This disgustingly overweight man was now healing all injuries and caressing the fallen man. Jerry Vehemence...he had been taken to another room by Maleficent. Whether he was alive or not was unknown. Jay was beginning to realise this man, 'Ass Bandit' or whatever, had a thing for Mort. He was giving the body little kisses and soft strokes of the hand.
"Leave him alone!" Jayden finally shrieked, kicking out even though he had no chance of striking him.
A-B looked up, cold gaze taking Jayden in. "He's mine now, providing he survives. I've always wanted a toy boy."
The dark-skinned man's eyes widened. "You're going to rape him...You're going to rape him and if you do I'll fucking kill you!"
He laughed. "I'd like to see you try, chained up like a rabid dog." He leaned over Mortis, checking for breathing. Once satisfied, he heaved the Necromancer over his shoulder and brought him through a door. Jayden's shouts were like music to him.


Cadence found a certain appeal to fighting walking corpses. It was thrilling and she didn't have to worry in the slightest about the people she was hurting. Yes, fighting with a slightly overdue unborn baby added to her physique was a pain, especially once the contractions started. Now, her choices were to  fight through the pain for as long as possible, give up and die or retreat now and maybe take her brother with her to help. Unfortunately the furthest she could shadow walk from here was upstairs, to her bedroom. Tears were forming in her eyes as the thrill gave way to raw terror. If the labour advanced too far while the zombies were still there, she and Teddie were dead as dead could be. "Austin!" She shrieked as she tore a few zombies to pieces with her shadows. At least he heard her. He was trying to get to her, trying to keep the dead away. Another contraction. Suddenly her little brother was there, standing beside her, fighting in the madness. "Cay?"
She shook her head, trying to keep more corpses off her. "Having baby." Slash out. Duck under. Kick. Swipe. "Need to move."
"You have got to be kidding me!" He yelled back, one word between attacks. "Shadow walk up stairs! Join you in a second, be ready to attack when you're not covered!"

The next second, she was in her room. After what seemed like an hour, Austin hadn't turned up. She barricaded the door as best she could and realised she was going through this alone.

((I have been listening to Disney songs non-stop, and I was never going to use the A-B for more than that first chapter, but now he has someone to crush over, aww...aaaanyway...CHEESE.))

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