Friday, October 4, 2013

Billie-Jinx Maleficent: Siege and Defence

((I recently learnt what BJ is an abbreviation calling her that got all awkward...ah my innocent mind...))

Billie-Jinx sighed, leaning against the side-table on which Ravel's daughter lay. Maleficent gave the girl a quick glance and instantly felt ill. She had left the child with a variety of people, and some had proven to be abusive. She and Arachne Basilisk had tried their best to care for the already quite sickly child. She was lying, eyes slightly open, struggling to breathe as usual. She bit her lip, regretting this plan. Pixie-Twist and his 'friend', Eugene Scribe, stood guard by the door. There was a suspicious noise outside and Scribe went to check it out. Maleficent sighed.
Pixie looked up. "Yes?"
"There's going to be trouble tonight."
"What makes you say that?"
"Their sensitive isn't very subtle..." She turned to look out the window and pointed. "I can see them. My God, they're idiots. Get some people together to protect this room."


Kenelm arched an eyebrow at Banderas as the American mage smiled. "We're in."
Paraplegia rolled his eyes. "Finally."
"You can't rush me. It's awkward, doing it like that. I know where they're keeping the Grand Mage's daughter and all.
Kenelm raised a hand for silence. "We need a plan."
Cyrenaica arched an eyebrow. "Cain, we have a plan."
"A better plan!"
"Shush." Madame Mist urged. She nudged Cyrenaica, who stood and walked towards the castle with a casual air. Double agent. He nodded his hello to the man at the door and walked right on through. It was light out and Luca was crouched low with the others. They watched Rust disappear from sight, his blonde sweep of hair with the sky-blue fringe quickly becoming lost in a crowd of heads thanks to his small stature. Luca gestured and she went round to the side of the building, followed by Kenelm. The other three stayed where they were, Banderas lowering his head as he tried to access memories or something.


Scribe arched an eyebrow as he saw Rust approach, then smiled. "Hey Cyren."
"Eugie." Cyrenaica replied with a nod, offering his friend a cup of coffee. Alarms were going off.
"Cyren, don't you have a duty to perform?"
Cyrenaica's eyes drooped to his arm, which was bound in plaster. "Not exactly, no."
Scribe rolled his eyes, accepting the coffee. "Listen, Rust, you may not have anything to do, but I do. Talk to you later, yeah? Bit busy, man."
"Can't I join you?"
"Cy, you're my best friend, but for your own safety, scrape out."
Cyrenaica made a face and walked off, making it as clear as he could that he was annoyed. Scribe chuckled, then saw a darkness appear at the edges of his vision, began feeling oh so dizzy. Had Cy spiked his drink? That git and his practical j-


Pixie-Twist gave a start when he heard the thump. He left his post and went down the hall, finding nothing, not even the fallen form of Scribe. He just found Eugene's post empty. "Eugene?" He called, angry. He had been assured he would be working with a sensible professional, yet the clod had abandoned his post. Pixie began walking up and down between the two outposts, muttering angrily to himself with his slightly impedimented speech. A laugh sounded, over his shoulder, he thought. He whipped round and stepped forward, and suddenly found he was in the confines of a cloaking sphere. Before him stood a slightly bewildered man. Tall, thin, tanned, black hair with the tips dyed a pinkish colour. "Uh..." he spoke in an American accent. Pix aimed a punch at him, but the man went low and charged, catching Pixie in his open arm and slipping, bringing them both to the floor. "Madame Mist!" He called in a high, pitiful wail. The only response received was silence. The man tried and failed to keep Pixie pinned, but the redhead overturned the American so he was on top, and began raining down punches.

Cain Banderas found himself in a tricky situation. He was unarmed and underneath this lump of a man, having the crap beaten out of him. "Help!" He wailed again, writhing, trying to get free and turn his face away. Pixie grinned, unaware that behind him, the door behind which Maleficent and Antonia-Lily resided was now unguarded and being opened...


Cyrenaica sighed, bringing down a hammer on a very valuable sapphire earring. He watched with an almost curious expression as the Necromancer magic went back to Scribe, then turned the hammer round, took a deep breath and broke his own nose. He would go to great lengths to protect his position here, keep himself working well as a spy.


Cain Kenelm stopped for just a moment to get his breath back. Their job? Cause a distraction, keep others away from Serpine's precious little girl long enough for the others to retrieve Ravel's. Hell, one of his swords was coated in blood. None was his. Losses to Mevolent's side were of no concern to him. He had long since lost sight of Luca, but it wouldn't be long before sunset, it really wouldn't. Cain had to get out of there before she shed her skin. He was back to swinging that sword, but had precious little room now. He was going to do himself a mischief thanks to Paraplegia calling him in in the first place. The sudden shot of light calmed him a little. Paraplegia himself had just joined the fight, and what he lacked in physical mobility he more than made up for in magic skills and power, as well as aim and smarts.


That left just Madame Mist and Popularity to march right up to Maleficent. Banderas was acting as a distraction for Pixie-Twist, and they walked in with no bother to find the woman rocking the crying child, trying to sooth it with songs. Her fists clenched and he cleared his throat. Maleficent looked up with a gasp. "You...You wouldn't fight me, not while I'm holding your baby..."
Mist's eyes took in the bruises on her baby's body. "What have you done to her?" He asked in a cold, quiet voice. B-J wished she had screamed at her instead.
"It wasn't me. I would never hurt an innocent child..." She narrowed her eyes. "Although no child of yours is exactly innocent."
Mist hesitated. "Erskine told me you had a crush on him once. You still do, don't you? That is what this is about."
B-J glowered. "It's more than that!"
"The pressure of staying here, of believing so much that those deadly things are your saviours? I think you're going insane, B-J."
The girl with the short black hair let out a sob. "I wasn't behind the kidnapping, I swear!" She wailed. "I couldn't let anyone else care for this child. You see-" She cut off with a gasp. There were spiders swarming her ankles. Some were Mist's, some...some were Basilisk's. She was sure none had come from Popularity. He would have had to have spat them out, it would have been too obvious. Right now he was just glaring. His eyes widened, however, when B-J suddenly stumbled, arms releasing Antonia-Lily. He threw himself forward, catching the child before either of them hit the floor, and was very careful not to fall on top of her, keeping his arms outstretched. Basilisk's eyes met Mist's across the room.
She smiled. "I scratch your back, you scratch mine." She muttered, gesturing for her and Popularity to follow.

((I feel evil, oh so evil, I feel so evil I'd kill you with eeeeaaaaase, because I kill off all your favourites of my OCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCs))

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