Friday, August 2, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Freedom's Price (Part 4)

Justaria stood up grinning.
"I'm FREE AT LAST!!!" She screamed. She turned on Javier,
"She never lets me out oh no never me! I'm a true name! Well I am in control and I'll let HER SEE HOW IT IS BEING IN THE BACK OF A MIND FOR A FEW YEARS!!!" Justaria stormed off. Javier sighed and focused on Justaria and she screamed,
"Now give Zaf back or else." He threatened. Justaria easily gave Zafira back.
"She's petrified. She's a baby deep down inside." Zafira laughed. Javier picked her up and kissed her. Then took her into their room.

Javier held Zafira close. She was asleep. Nobody else would be but she was. Alexis played and Jayla and Jason did too. Javier's family was safe, as safe as they could get. Mevolent's control of America had receeded in the past few days the west was theirs again. 

Zafira woke up and smiled softly. This was it. This would be the day she dreamed of. No reports of attacks in America. Zafira hugged Javier,
"We did it! Mevolent is gone from the States!!!" She screamed and they hugged. Zafira kissed him and he kissed her. Alexis's scream pierced the room, Zafira ran and knelt beside her daughter.
"Alexis...oh my god." The child was dead. Zafira felt her necklace go cold. Javier wrapped his arms around her. 
"We'll save her. Zaf you can. The sigils." Zafira nodded and went to draw the sigils around Alexis. She poured her magic into them and she then collapsed due to exhaustion. Alexis was alive and curled up beside her mother.
"Momma?" She asked. Zafira didn't speak. Alexis got scared and hugged Zafira. Then she woke
"Hush I'm safe. We're all safe now." Zafira looked at Alexis smiling softly,
"Sympathy, tenderness warm as the summer, offer you their embrace, friendliness  gentleness, strangers to my life, they are there in this face, goodness and sweetness and kindness are found in this place." Zafira sang. Alexis smiled recgonizing the musical 
"Jekyll and Hyde." She said. Zafira nodded. Her phone beeped and a smile broke across her face,
"Mevolent has no supporters in the USA anymore! Last of them was rounded up. We're safe." Javier held his wife and daughter close. Then picked up the twins. For that moment in time they were a happy family, even if the war was elsewhere their country was safe. 

(Nope not over I have a Part 5...I'm a Minion of Derek, there is NEVER gonna be a happy ending)


  1. Alexis is so sweet...

    And she's NOT allowed to die.

  2. *laughs* You know, in my plans for mc, when I wanted to write it, roughly now was the time when Mevolent was going to take the nuclear option. Trip was going to have to defend HMC Clyde with nothing but a few riles, a load of tasers and an army of mages against Mevolent's men. So many die...

    But yeah! Coincidence!